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Cut your costs for invoice management

Maria Popshore
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The more paper work you handle, the more your actions turns into bills that are overflowing with expenses and you will anyway find mistakes, and exemptions. More than that, you spend a lot of time and resources fielding and getting everything ready.

Well, no office can be completely paperless. Some documents must remain on paper meaning that your home office can only be paper-less. And many of us simply remain more comfortable using paper to do some of our work. So any document management system you put together has to manage the mix of electronic and paper for a “paperless” office.¬
POPFAX launched a reasonable, secure and paperless office from the sender side.

It includes:
– An easy to understand interface where clients can transfer their reports to be sent.
– The insertion of the printed archive into a suitable envelope. The envelope is picked naturally relying upon the quantity of A4 sheets.
– The franking of the letter at the cost of country in which it is to be posted.
– Inside their account, clients can track their postal mail, view and forward it by fax or email, and so on.
Popfax values loyalty, that’s why they introduces this new service to existing customers, and let them send their first 2 Postal mails for free (reimbursed expenditure limited to 5 Euros and during the month of March 2015 only).

Vladimir Popesco, the CEO at POPFAX Company said: “With dematerialized postal mail, Popfax continues its dematerialized document management strategy which we started a few years ago with the introduction of mobile and online tools like OCR, keyword searching, scanning, signing and the editing of all kinds of documents. In a world moving towards paperless global mobility, we have developed, and made available to our customers, a wide range of document dematerialization and management services, allowing them to manage, scan, edit, sign, fax and mail their documents from home, the office or even when they are away.”

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