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US equities moved higher during the opening of the Asian trading session on Thursday with the sectors of telecommunications and technology that have made the greatest gains and Qantas AirwaysLtd. who scored a 5.4% despite having made known the worst loss ever recorded by the company; ASX index fell 0.5%, while the Hang Seng Index gained 0.2%.

The dollar lost ground against other major currencies during the Asian trading session as analysts expect that the data released today show that the American economy is progressing but more slowly than estimated.

The Australian dollar moved higher against other major currencies during the Asian session due to an unexpected investments of private companies in Australia in the second quarter of the year.

The US equities closed almost equal in American trading session on Wednesday, with investors waiting to see the direction that would take the market after the publication of the profits and geopolitical events; the Dow Jones gained 0.1% to 17,122.01 points, while the S & P has remained unchanged at around 2000 points.


The price of gold rose at the opening of the Asian session on Thursday, in the wake of geopolitical events, the weakening dollar and prospects of economic growth in the USA.

The price of crude oil fell during the Asian trading session on Thursday, thanks to the news of the large oil stocks that have reduced concerns about possible supply disruptions due to geopolitical crisis.

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