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  • Stocks Notch Up Losses for a Third Consecutive Session

    Stocks started the trading session nearly unchanged after falling nearly 1% on Wednesday. Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) gave the S&P 500 index a boost as it was announced that the social media giant would be joining both the S&P 500 and the S&P 100 index. Jobless claims came out softer than expected, relieving some of the tension

  • Euro Tests Resistance After Bank Plan Takes Shape

    The Euro moved higher on Wednesday testing resistance levels near the October 2013 highs, but has been unable to break through as interest rate differentials remains stable. US yields moved lower on Tuesday, with the 10-year yield declining nearly 5-basis points to 2.8%. The EU agreed to a plan on handling failing banks in the

  • Stocks Slump on Profit Taking
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    Stocks Slump on Profit Taking

    December 11, 2013, 21:28 GMT

    Stocks started the trading session on a mixed note despite news that the Congress has put forward a deal that would pass a budget and avert a government shutdown this January. The House and Senate would avoid the fiscal cliff and potential generate good will with their constituents. Stocks over the past few trading sessions

  • Stocks on the Defensive as Investors Awaited the Volcker Rule

    Stocks started the trading session on the defensive as investors awaited the Volcker rule decision that would likely alter the course of revenue generation for the nation’s largest banks.  China notched up strong Retail Sales numbers which helped buoy equity bourses.  Earning for housing builders continue to impress market participants as housing prices continued to

  • Aussie Gains Traction After Solid Chinese Data

    The Australian dollar is forming a bottom as it attempts to gain traction despite the RBA’s signal that rates will remain low for the foreseeable future.  Hedge funds have been lining up on the short side according to the most recent industry report.  The yield differential has steadied, after moving in favor of the greenback

  • Euro Soars to New Highs versus Yen

    Data in Europe has been relatively tame and has not foreshadowed the robust climb the Euro has experienced versus the yen.  The move has been more of a function of yen weakness as the Japanese government continues to look for ways to stimulate the Japanese economy and stimulate exports. On Monday, the Eurozone reported October

  • Stocks Consolidate Friday’s Gains

    Stocks in the US started the trading session in the black on the heels of Friday’s robust rally.  Pundits are now convinced that investors are comfortable with the idea that tapering is not tightening despite a stronger than expected employment reports that put the unemployment rate near 7%.  The Fed has tied rates to an

  • Strong Yields Push Greenback Higher

    The dollar gained traction against the yen immediately following the US employment report which pushed long term yields higher. The 10-year benchmark US yield moved above 2.9% for the first time since September and is now poised to test the 3% level. Currency investors are concerned that a stronger US economy will lead the FOMC

  • Stocks Soar on Friday, NASDAQ Closes in the Black

    Stocks started the Friday trading session in the black as the US employment report gave investors’ confidence despite a stronger than expected number. The Fed’s bond purchase program has helped buoy stocks over the past 18 months, but many believe that robust number will lead to a tapering of the program and eventual a correction

  • Yen gains ground against the greenback

    Despite US yields climbing to the highest levels since August, and the Japanese government approving a new stimulus package, the yen gained ground against the greenback on Thursday, moving toward support levels. Traders will likely square up position ahead of Friday’s release of non-farm payrolls which will likely drive capital markets flow during the balance

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