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  • Strong Data Lift Pounds to 2013 Highs

    Cable was one of the strongest of the major currencies on Wednesday on the heels of stronger than expected UK data which lifted the yield differential in favor of the pound. Growth in the region continues to be robust assisted by a driven consumer which offset weaker than expected export data. The UK confirmed its

  • NASDAQ Breaks Out on Robust Momentum

    Stocks in the US started the trading session on a positive note, despite weaker than expected Durable goods orders data. Yields continued to move lower with the 10-year yield touching 2.70, and poised to drift lower. The mixed data seen continues to buoy the belief that the Fed will continue to keep their bond purchase

  • USD/JPY currency pair moves higher

    The yield differential between the dollar and the Yen has grown to the highest levels since April of 20, printing near 260 basis points. The expansion of this differential should drive the currency pair higher, as the correlation over the past few years has been above 90%. The differential makes up the forward curve in

  • Nasdaq Closes Above 4K
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    Nasdaq Closes Above 4K

    November 27, 2013, 07:21 GMT

    Stocks in the US remained buoyed on Tuesday but volume dissipated and implied volatility shrank. As the Thanks Given holiday looms, which means a closed Thursday session and partial Friday session, traders are likely to cut positions quickly generating sharp stocks movements. Economic data on Tuesday showed that building permits were stronger than expected, while

  • US Dollar rises on the heels of a nuclear proliferation agreement

    The dollar continued its rapid rise on Monday notching up solid gains on the heels of an agreement between the UN Security Council and Iran on nuclear proliferation. The yield differential moved in favor of the greenback, moving close to the highest levels for the year. Investor’s sentiment as pinballed back and forth from Yellen’s

  • NASDAQ Hits 4K but Fades; Dow Close at All-time High

    US stocks continued their rapid rise, notching up a new all-time high on the open on the heels of an agreement between Iran and the permanent member of the U.N. Security council. The deal helped the Nikkei notch up a 1.5% gain which sparked a globally rally. Late in the session stocks faded with but

  • Stocks Surge Higher; S&P 500 Hits New All-time High

    US stocks continued their rally on Friday, opening in the black and moving higher through most of the trading session. With a dearth of economic news, investors focused on the potential for tapering of the bond purchase program which seems likely to bypass the December FOMC meeting. There are very few data points that will

  • EUR/JPY Breaks to a New Monthly High

    The yen was one of the worst performing currencies during the past week, losing significant ground to the Euro, as the BOJ finished its two day meeting, continuing to discuss its asset purchase program. The goal of the BOJ is to increase asset prices and a declining yen has helped the Nikkei. Yield differential continued

  • Euro Faces Headwinds after Weak PMI Data

    On the heels of Wednesday’s Fed Minutes, the dollar gain traction against most major currencies.  Yields moved higher on the news that the Federal Reserve was discussing tapering its bond purchase program prior to employment reaching their target.  The 10-year yield backed up to 2.81%, and a move above 3% would generate headwinds for the

  • Stocks Surge on Weaker Philly Fed Data

    Stocks in the US got off to a positive start after Wednesday’s slide.  The Fed minutes put taper talk back on the table as investors viewed the discussion about potential tapering as a sign that the Fed would consider reducing bond purchases prior to reaching optimal unemployment.  The Fed is desperately trying to convince market