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State Street Global Advisors Introduces Actively Managed SPDR ETF to Help Investors Manage Risk-on and Risk-off Market Cycles

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State Street Global Advisors (SSGA), the asset management arm of State Street Corporation (NYSE:STT) , today announced the SPDR SSGA Risk Aware ETF (Symbol: RORO) began trading on the NYSE Arca on September 10, 2014. The new fund is actively managed by SSGA’s Active Quantitative Equity Group and is based on the firm’s proprietary quantitative market risk measurement model. The model is intended to help identify, quantify and benefit from risk factors moving the markets at any given time.

“The SPDR SSGA Risk Aware ETF is targeted at providing investors an innovative solution for capitalizing on risk-on and risk-off fluctuations in the US equity market,” said Scott Ebner, senior managing director and global head of product development and research at State Street Global Advisors. “Active quant strategies have been a core competency of SSGA’s institutional asset management and mutual fund businesses for decades, and RORO is the first active equity ETF managed by this SSGA investment team.”

The SPDR SSgA Risk Aware ETF seeks to provide competitive returns compared to the broad U.S. equity market and capital appreciation. Among the factors in the model are beta, size, credit risk, credit spreads, gold price, US dollar exchange rates and implied volatility. During periods of anticipated high risk, the portfolio’s composition will be defensive and may increase exposure to large cap and / or value companies. During periods of anticipated low risk, the portfolio’s composition will be risk-seeking and may increase exposure to small cap and / or growth companies. In periods of moderate risk, the portfolio’s composition will more closely reflect the broader US equity market and may have greater exposure to midcap companies. The SPDR SSGA Risk Aware ETF’s annual expense ratio is 0.50 percent.

About SPDR Exchange Traded Funds

SPDR ETFs are a comprehensive family spanning an array of international and domestic asset classes. SPDR ETFs are managed by SSGA Funds Management, Inc., a registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of State Street Bank and Trust Company. The funds provide investors with the flexibility to select investments that are precisely aligned to their investment strategy. Recognized as an industry pioneer, State Street created the first US listed ETF in 1993 (SPDR S&P 500(R) – Ticker SPY) and has remained on the forefront of responsible innovation, as evidenced by the introduction of many ground-breaking products, including first-to-market launches with gold, international real estate, international fixed income, and sector ETFs. For more information, visit

About State Street Global Advisors

State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) is a global leader in asset management. The firm is relied on by sophisticated investors worldwide for its disciplined investment process, powerful global investment platform and access to every major asset class, capitalization range and style. SSGA is the asset management business of State Street Corporation, one of the world’s leading providers of financial services to institutional investors.

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Risk associated with equity investing includes stock values which may fluctuate in response to the activities of individual companies and general market and economic conditions.

The Fund is actively managed and may underperform its benchmarks. An investment in the fund is not appropriate for all investors and is not intended to be a complete investment program. Investing in the fund involves risks, including the risk that investors may receive little or no return on the investment or that investors may lose part or even all of the investment.

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Companies with large market capitalizations go in and out of favor based on market and economic conditions. Larger companies tend to be less volatile than companies with smaller market capitalizations. In exchange for this potentially lower risk, the value of the security may not rise as much as companies with smaller market capitalizations.

Investments in small/mid-sized companies may involve greater risks than in those of larger, better known companies.

The Fund may emphasize a “growth” style of investing. The market values of growth stocks may be more volatile than other types of investments. The prices of growth stocks tend to reflect future expectations, and when those expectations change or are not met, share prices generally fall. The returns on “growth” securities may or may not move in tandem with the returns on other styles of investing or the overall stock market.

A “value” style of investing emphasizes undervalued companies with characteristics for improved valuations. This style of investing is subject to the risk that the valuations never improve or that the returns on “value” equity securities are less than returns on other styles of investing or the overall stock market.

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Expiration date:9/30/2015

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