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GrafTech Announces Additional Operating and Cost Structure Initiatives to Improve Profitability and Competitive Positioning

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GrafTech International Ltd. (NYSE:GTI) announced today that it has concluded another phase of its on-going company-wide cost savings assessment. As a result, GrafTech has identified approximately $30 million in cost-savings actions, in addition to the more than $90 million in annual cost savings identified over the past year.

These actions include changes to the Company’s operating and management structure in order to streamline, simplify and decentralize the organization. The Company believes that these enhancements will allow GrafTech to work more closely with its customers, drive greater accountability at the local level and respond even more efficiently to changing market dynamics. In addition, GrafTech will redesign its research and development function and downsize the Company’s corporate functions.

GrafTech Chief Executive Officer, Joel Hawthorne, commented, “We continue our relentless focus on creating a more streamlined business model with greater accountability and cost efficiency. This will allow us to better compete in the global marketplace and best position GrafTech to drive innovation to support future success. The initiatives announced today build upon those we previously announced and represent total annual cost savings of over $120 million that have been identified and implemented over the past year.”

The management and organizational changes identified will include:

  • Rightsizing initiatives: These actions will reduce costs and create a high level of business ownership at the local level. Actions include a combination of reduced contractor costs, attrition, early retirements and layoffs. This simplified structure is designed to speed decision-making, improve customer responsiveness and innovation for specific markets, and more effectively prioritize development opportunities.
  • Redesign of research and development function: This redesign will place a greater emphasis on driving innovation to support new product development. Building on the Company’s 128-year heritage, GrafTech will establish a Technology and Innovation Center focused on commercializing next generation technologies in carbon and graphite material science. More traditional research and development initiatives related to product testing and quality will be embedded within each business unit to support business segment growth initiatives.
  • Downsizing of corporate functions: In conjunction with the organizational improvements identified, the Company will downsize its corporate functions by approximately 25 percent and relocate to a smaller, more cost effective, corporate headquarters within Northeast Ohio. The transition is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2014 and be completed by the first quarter of 2015.

These actions are expected to generate annualized recurring cost savings of approximately $30 million, approximately 75 percent of which will be reflected in overhead expense and the remainder in costs of goods sold. The majority of the savings are expected to be realized in 2015. There will not be a material benefit from these actions in 2014.

The Company expects to record a charge of approximately $20 million related to these actions in the third and fourth quarters of 2014. Cash expenditures related to these actions are expected to be approximately $12 million, the majority of which are expected to be disbursed in 2015.

Mr. Hawthorne concluded, “We continue to face a challenging global market, in both our Industrial Materials and Engineered Solutions business. We will continue to focus on taking further aggressive actions to position the Company to be profitable at this low point of the cycle and strategically positioned to capitalize on the eventual recovery in end market demand. The GrafTech Board and management team are committed to restoring and growing value for our shareholders by leveraging our backward-integrated, low-cost, differentiated business model and executing on our strategy by commercializing solutions.”

GrafTech International is a global company that has been redefining limits for more than 125 years. We offer innovative graphite material solutions for our customers in a wide range of industries and end markets, including steel manufacturing, advanced energy applications and latest generation electronics. GrafTech operates 20 principal manufacturing facilities on four continents and sells products in over 70 countries. Headquartered in Parma, Ohio, GrafTech employs approximately 2,600 people. For more information, call 216-676-2000 or visit

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