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New Standalone App, “Commute” by MapQuest, Provides Real-time Road Conditions + Traffic Push Notifications

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MapQuest, Inc., today introduced a new standalone app to simplify the daily drive and deliver more convenience to travelers with “Commute.” The simplest app for information about a user’s daily drive in real-time, Commute monitors route conditions and proactively alerts the user to travel times or impactful incidents to better lay expectations for the drive to and from work, school or a daily routine.

“With Commute, the MapQuest team creates a single-purpose app for simpler activities while also addressing a user need we identified within our community,” said Brian McMahon, general manager, MapQuest. “Commute is a feature-complete offering for folks interested in simple, easy access to accurate information about their daily drive in real-time. And while Commute serves a specific experience, we also continue to invest in our free navigation apps across all platforms, recently launching enhanced voice-guide and alternate route features. These and other features from our comprehensive navigation apps complement the standalone Commute app experience.”

How Commute Works

Commute serves as a reliable workday companion that knows how road conditions – such as traffic congestion, weather, construction and accidents – will affect the daily drive. To get started on all smartphone platforms, consumers need only download the free Commute app and enter some basic information to receive push notifications 15 minutes prior to their scheduled departure. Commute is a sleek, streamlined app that addresses specific daily-drive needs:

  • An understanding of arrival time based on the user’s normal commute patterns
  • What can be expected along this route based on the real-time traffic, weather and road conditions

Additionally, Commute learns from a user’s normal commute patterns to determine if it should route to work or route home. It works regardless of loading the app, providing necessary push notifications for morning and evening drives every day unless set to “vacation” mode. For users wanting to add extra stops to their drive, they can link directly from Commute to MapQuest’s free navigation app for a more robust experience.

iOS8-optimized Notifications

With enhanced iOS 8 notifications, users can leverage both Commute and the MapQuest navigation app to make the most of the daily drive:

  • Swipe the notification right as usual to open Commute and view current conditions
  • If traffic is detected along a route, users can swipe the notification left to reveal the “Go” button that leads to MapQuest’s navigation app and helps find alternate routes

MapQuest’s Navigation Apps

Commute better connects people to the maps and routes that shape their everyday lives, with a bridge to the navigation app features including:

  • Improved alternate routes: Up to three alternate driving routes* illustrate broader options, linking from Commute to navigation app for preferred route to destination
  • Traffic enhancements: Increases in coverage on specific road types such as off ramps and side roads keep navigators more informed; segmenting real-time traffic is even more accurate than before, delivering better ETAs and routing information
  • Voice-guided directions: New system sounds less automated and more human
  • Local discovery: The enhanced search and layers bar make it easier to find a coffee shop, gas station or post office nearby

“Engineered for the busy MapQuest user looking for more information on the daily routine, Commute actually stems from an internal hackathon our employees participated in to develop meaningful products and customized experiences,” said Nate Abbott, head of product, MapQuest. “We quickly created an initial prototype, then spent the last few months synthesizing into a consumer offering delivered in the easiest, most convenient way. We plan to continue rapidly developing products that serve a specific consumer need experienced in their daily lives and road travels.”

To download MapQuest’s free Commute or navigation apps, visit the iTunes, Amazon or Android app stores or to get started.

*When available

About MapQuest, Inc.

MapQuest provides Internet, mobile and business solutions delivering on the promise of helping people dream, plan, share and go wherever the map meets their life. MapQuest is one of the leading mapping brands online, reaching 44.4 million multi-platform users, according to comScore Media Metrix MultiPlatform. MapQuest’s mobile solutions are compatible with a variety of mobile devices, including iPhone and Android devices. MapQuest, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of AOL Inc. (NYSE:AOL) , is based in Denver, Colo.

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