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Gupta Technologies is selected as Partner of the Month by the Fujitsu Legacy Modernization Offering Center

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Gupta Technologies, a division of Daegis, Inc. and global provider of application development, database and migration software has been named by the Fujitsu Legacy Modernization Offering Center as the first recipient of their Monthly Supplier Award. The Legacy Modernization Offering Center is focused on enabling organizations to leverage investment in software assets, deliver more from IT budgets and reduce the risk of implementing new technologies.

Chris Gaskin, Global Offering Owner for Legacy Modernization, Fujitsu Global Delivery stated that “Fujitsu is delighted to partner with Gupta globally. Gupta’s ability to analyze and migrate the most complicated of Lotus Notes applications, to such a high quality alternative on the Microsoft platform, makes them the ideal alternative for organizations wishing to gain from the benefits of moving to a Microsoft-centric option.”

Gupta Technologies works with the Fujitsu Legacy Modernization Offering Center using Composer Notes, a tool that automatically migrates the entire Notes application (including business logic, data, attachments, ACL Security, and workflow to the Microsoft platform while also preserving the User Interface) to achieve the most from a conversion. The remaining conversion work is completed by the Legacy Modernization team to achieve the desired outcome. The key benefits of this partnership include:

  • Low risk compared to a lengthy re-write project and end user re-training
  • Project times can be shortened by 80% or more compared to manual rewrites
  • Minimal disruption to business and end users
  • Consolidation and control over applications and fewer solutions for IT to manage
  • Smoother integration with other enterprise applications enabling users to better leverage the benefits of new technologies

“We take pride in working with all of our partners, customers, and service providers, and this award recognizes all the hard work everyone at Gupta Technologies has performed with Fujitsu,” said Frank Verardi, Vice President and General Manager, Gupta Technologies. “There are many partners and software providers to choose from, but Gupta and Composer Technologies (a product line of Gupta) still remain top-class brands and products for legacy migration.”

About Gupta Technologies

Gupta Technologies, a division of Daegis Inc. (NASDAQ:DAEG) , provides application development, migration and database software to organizations around the world. For over 30 years, Gupta software has helped customers simplify and accelerate business application and database development. From client server, Web, .NET and mobile business application development, Gupta removes the complexity from the development process by eliminating low-level coding, delivering highly productive software for developers of all skill levels. Gupta’s Composer Technologies product line offers automated software and services for migrating Lotus Notes and Oracle Forms applications. Visit and follow Gupta on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and its blog.

About Daegis Inc.

Daegis Inc. (NASDAQ:DAEG) is a global archiving, eDiscovery, mobile application development and migration tools company. Daegis delivers leading-edge archive and eDiscovery software through Daegis Edge, an end-to-end platform for managing the eDiscovery life cycle, Daegis Acumen technology assisted review and Daegis AXS-One enterprise information archiving. Daegis also offers specialized services including data collection, analytics consulting, project management, and managed document review.

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