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Questar Fueling Announces Opening of CNG-Fueling Station in Kansas City, Kansas

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Questar Fueling Company, a subsidiary of Questar Corporation (NYSE:STR) , opened its newest compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station today at 6580 Kansas Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas. The public-access station will provide fast-fill CNG fueling for fleet operators with medium- and heavy-duty trucks as well as motorists who drive light-duty natural gas vehicles.

“Kansas City is a key location along an important transportation corridor where we can support our trucking fleet customers who transport using compressed natural gas-powered vehicles,” said Ron Jibson, Questar chairman, president and CEO. “Our transportation customers want reliable, low-cost natural gas for their fleets and they don’t have time for delays. That’s why our high-speed, high-volume CNG-fueling stations have captured their attention. Some of the nation’s largest fleet operators like Dart Transit, Swift Transportation and Central Freight Lines are transitioning to clean-burning natural gas, and we’re committed to developing the CNG-fueling infrastructure that keeps them on the road at lower cost.”

Questar Fueling opened a similar CNG station in Topeka, Kansas, in April of 2014 and began fueling class-8 trucks for Frito-Lay, Dart Transit and other area fleets. The new Kansas City CNG station offers six high-speed fueling lanes for trucks. The station will also be open to members of the general public who drive natural gas-powered vehicles. The price for CNG is currently about $2 per equivalent gallon compared to about $3.65 per gallon of diesel fuel.

“Natural gas is now helping Kansas and the rest of the country to reduce their dependency on foreign oil,” said former Kansas Gov. Bill Graves, American Trucking Association president. “This is the second CNG station Questar Fueling has built in Kansas this year. Thanks to them and other builders of CNG-fueling stations, the transportation sector is finding it easier to fill up with cleaner, safer and more economical natural gas.”

Natural gas burns cleaner than conventional gasoline or diesel due to its lower carbon content. Kansans will have access to the abundant, domestic supply of natural gas for their vehicles that run on CNG and with cleaner tailpipe emissions, they will breathe a bit easier.

There are over 15 million natural gas vehicles on the road worldwide – but only 140,000 are in the United States. Now that the U.S. has become the world’s largest natural gas producer, the transportation industry is accelerating its integration of natural gas-powered trucks.

About Questar:

Questar (NYSE:STR) is a Rockies-based integrated natural gas company with an enterprise value of about $5.5 billion and three complementary lines of business: retail natural gas distribution, interstate natural gas transportation and natural gas and oil development and production.

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