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NCM Media Networks Launches its Turbo Initiative Nationwide, Bringing Shorter Cinema Advertising Lead Times to the Big Screen

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After a successful test launch in the Southern California region earlier this year, NCM Media Networks, the largest national cinema network in the U.S., is rolling out its Turbo initiative to accelerate the delivery time of media from proposal to on-screen across its network of movie theaters nationwide.

Turbo shortens the lead-times for local and regional advertisers to run their ads in NCM’s FirstLook pre-show to less than 72 hours, which is a significant improvement over the cinema industry’s current standard turn-around time frame of 10-20 days. For the first time, NCM’s Turbo will give businesses that rely on time-sensitive promotional advertising strategies, such as car dealerships, retail stores and QSRs, the opportunity to take advantage of the power of cinema.

“The national launch of Turbo opens the door for many brands who may have previously felt restricted by timing to add cinema to their video media plans,” said Cliff Marks, president of sales and marketing with NCM Media Networks. “We saw a significant uptick in business during our California test, and we’re excited to roll Turbo out to our full network. Turbo puts NCM on par with the timing capabilities of other national video networks, and it is great to be able to offer this new option to our clients.”

About National CineMedia (NCM)

National CineMedia operates NCM Media Networks, the #1 weekend network in America and the largest cinema advertising network reaching moviegoers on-screen, on-site, online and on mobile devices. NCM offers captivating entertainment content, national reach and unparalleled audience engagement across its digital in-theater network of over 19,800 screens (100% percent digital) in over 1,500 theaters in 183 Designated Market Areas(R) (49 of the top 50). During 2013, over 710 million moviegoers attended theaters that exclusively present NCM’s FirstLook pre-show program, including AMC Entertainment Inc. (NYSE:AMC) , Cinemark Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:CNK) , Regal Entertainment Group (NYSE:RGC) , and 40 other leading regional theater circuit affiliates. National CineMedia, Inc. (NASDAQ:NCMI) owns a 45.8% interest in and is the managing member of National CineMedia LLC. For more information, visit (NCMI-A)

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