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Freescale’s collaboration with ALPS produces advanced automotive connectivity solutions for telematics in ADAS market

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As part of a two-year collaboration with ALPS Electric Co. of Japan, Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE:FSL) announces three automotive-grade connectivity modules for next-generation telematics and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The all-in-one solutions include Freescale’s Smart Application Blueprint for Rapid Engineering (SABRE) based on the i.MX 6 series of applications processors for automotive infotainment and market-proven connectivity technology from ALPS to enable smarter, more connected vehicles.

As automotive infotainment and telematics systems continue to advance, and ADAS functionality continues to expand throughout the industry, automotive OEMs and their Tier One suppliers are racing to develop a range of next-generation connectivity systems. For example, in-vehicle Wi-Fi routers increasingly enable applications such as surround view video streaming, drive recorders and navigation systems. Through collaboration with ALPS, Freescale can now provide system designers these and other functionalities with ready-to-use modules that simplify design and streamline development.

“The all-in-one modules resulting from our close collaboration with ALPS will help advance automotive connectivity for the IoT and autonomous driving eras,” said David M. Uze, Freescale vice president and president of Freescale Semiconductor Japan. “These new solutions seamlessly integrate the world-class technology of ALPS with the optimal scalability and ultra-high performance of Freescale’s i.MX 6 applications processors to enable compelling functionality that helps our shared customers differentiate and innovate in highly competitive markets.”

The new modules leverage the power efficiency, advanced graphic engine, rich peripheral I/O, optimal scalability and pin-to-pin compatibility from single to quad core of Freescale’s high performance i.MX 6 series applications processors. The new, cost-effective solutions support the LTE, Wi-Fi (5GHz) and Wi-Fi 802.11ac mobile communication standards and V2X communication technologies to enable vehicles and network infrastructure to communicate in real time.

Planned for availability in Q1 of next year, the new i.MX 6 SABRE-AI sub-modules include:

  • UMDZ series LTE/3G/2G module
  • UMPZ series 5.9GHz V2X module
  • UGKZ series 5GHz or 2.4GHz Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module

“The results of our collaboration to develop wireless modules and software solutions for infotainment based on Freescale’s i.MX 6 SABRE for auto infotainment will enable advanced features, such as in-vehicle smart phone connectivity and future cloud services for vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-road communication,” said Takeshi Daiomaru, deputy general manager and director for new business and consumer modules at the engineering headquarters of ALPS ELECTRIC. “Next week, at the Freescale Technology Forum in Japan, we will demonstrate our joint telematics solution with a field test video that showcases the exceptional wireless communication performance made possible by our close cooperation.”

Since its founding, ALPS Electric has supplied approximately 40,000 varieties of electronic components to more than 2,000 manufacturers of automobiles, home appliances, mobile devices and industrial equipment. In addition, the company has a proven track record of supplying world-class automotive connectivity solutions to top automotive OEMs worldwide. Leveraging this expertise, ALPS has developed independent modular connectivity solutions that can be used with i.MX 6 series silicon and the SABRE platform early in the evaluation process, speeding time to market.

About the Freescale i.MX 6 series

The i.MX 6 series of applications processors includes single-, dual- and quad-core families based on the ARM(R) CortexTM-A9 architecture, and together with a robust ecosystem, provides the ideal platform to develop a portfolio of end devices based on a single hardware design. With high-performance multimedia processing, pin- and software- compatible product families and integrated power management, the i.MX 6 series is purpose-built for the new era of automotive infotainment, reconfigurable graphics instrument clusters and smart consumer devices.

About Freescale Technology Forum

Developed with the embedded engineer in mind, the Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) features one of the most comprehensive embedded ecosystems in the industry. The forum, which drives innovation and collaboration, has been enthusiastically received by the global developer community, drawing nearly 60,000 attendees worldwide since its inception in 2005.

About Freescale Semiconductor

Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE:FSL) is a global leader in embedded processing solutions, providing industry-leading products that are advancing the automotive, consumer, industrial and networking markets. From microprocessors and microcontrollers to sensors, analog integrated circuits and connectivity – our technologies are the foundation for the innovations that make our world greener, safer, healthier and more connected. Some of our key applications and end-markets include automotive safety, hybrid and all-electric vehicles, next generation wireless infrastructure, smart energy management, portable medical devices, consumer appliances and smart mobile devices. The company is based in Austin, Texas, and has design, research and development, manufacturing and sales operations around the world.

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