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Crown Castle Expands Telemedicine Clinic, Adds Access for Employee Dependents

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NuPhysicia, Inc., a leading provider of telemedicine technology and health care services, will support expanded services at Crown Castle’s (NYSE:CCI) telemedicine-based on-site clinic Medicine At WorkTM in Canonsburg, PA. In addition to relocating and expanding the clinic, employee dependents will now have access to this exceptional employee benefit.

The NuPhysicia Medicine At Work clinic’s range of services and convenience drives early illness intervention to reduce excess claim spending for urgent care and emergency room utilization.

Since contracting with NuPhysicia in 2010, Crown Castle estimates cost savings at more than $1M. Adding access to the clinic for employees’ dependents is expected to nearly double these healthcare savings. More than 1,000 employees and dependents will be served by the newly expanded in-house telemedicine-based clinic.

Through the combination of on-site medics, board-certified physicians, and an advanced telemedicine and medical records system, Medicine At Work onsite clinics provide:

  • Medical diagnoses and prescriptions exclusively provided by physicians,
  • Clinical services addressing more than 90 percent of presenting conditions,
  • Prescriptions when indicated, and
  • Point of care testing for certain laboratory tests.

“The onsite medical services clinic fits very well with Crown Castle’s proactive wellness initiatives and is a very appreciated benefit by our employees,” said Erik Agostoni, vice president of compensation, benefits and staffing at Crown Castle. “As a self-insured company, the clinic has saved us hundreds of thousands of real dollars in claims costs per year. Giving access and coverage to dependents is the next logical step to improve wellness services for employees and families, with stronger corporate cost savings as an additional financial benefit.”

“NuPhysicia is now able to provide the benefits of onsite clinics to a new group of smaller employers through its Medicine at Work clinics,” said Dr. Michael Davis, senior vice president at NuPhysicia. “Traditionally, only large companies with thousands of employees found advantages in on-site clinics. Through our patented telemedicine approach, which has been proven by use and refinement for over a decade, we can provide the same benefits to the smaller employer.”

Davis added, “Patient satisfaction is extremely high, as patients are thrilled to have personal attention by a physician through the video examination link backed up by a local medic conveniently right at the worksite clinic.”

About Crown Castle

Crown Castle (NYSE:CCI) is the largest owner and operator of shared wireless communications infrastructure in the U.S., offering significant wireless communications coverage to 98 of the top 100 U.S. markets. Their customers include all the country’s major wireless service providers, as well as governments and municipalities, colleges and universities, and others.

About NuPhysicia

NuPhysicia Incorporated is a privately held telemedicine company delivering advanced remote health care – a concept first developed and proven by the University of Texas. NuPhysicia delivers medical services to patients around the world with InPlace Medical SolutionsTM and Medicine At WorkTM service lines, and provides its patented Digital Medical Services(R) remote health infrastructure solution to medical organizations.

For more information about NuPhysicia, visit – for specific information about Medicine At Work, visit, or call 713.358.9270.

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