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Rocket Fuel Launches Mission Control Insights, Providing Campaign Transparency to Customers

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Rocket Fuel (NASDAQ:FUEL) , a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) advertising and marketing solutions for global agencies and brands, today announced that this fall it will release a new feature of its Mission Control platform that will provide its managed-service customers with real-time access to campaign reporting and analytics. Mission Control Insights will equip advertisers with a view into which audiences, environments, and messages are creating success for their campaign initiatives.

As stated in a Forrester Consulting study concluding that Rocket Fuel’s programmatic media-buying technology, powered by AI, delivers an average return on investment (ROI) increase of 229% for agencies and 192% for advertisers over a three-year period, Rocket Fuel has unlocked significant value for advertisers large and small, across verticals, and for all types of marketing objectives. But customers have asked for a way to better understand how AI is driving results. This is what Mission Control provides.

Mission Control Insights gives marketers a practical way to interpret the signals that inform their automated ad buys. As advertising learns and improves with Rocket Fuel’s AI technology, marketers will now have the ability to see and take advantage of the insights derived and apply them to future creative, messaging, and targeting decisions on manually targeted media.

“Mission Control Insights is an immensely useful tool for us,” said Russell Wagner, the Senior Programmatic Manager at Generator Media who handles media buying and analytics for the agency. “It provides a level of insight that helps determine what types of placements should resonate with our media.”

The intuitive Mission Control Insights user interface is easy to use. The range of features include:

  • Learn: Uncover the signals that Rocket Fuel’s AI has found valuable in optimizing media spend-across categories spanning page content, consumer interests and lifestyles, geography, time and day, and more. View by lift or by volume contribution, and for both conversion activity and clicks.
  • Analyze: A detailed reporting environment with highly customizable views, it enables users to compare and contrast data sliced and diced by 70 distinct dimensions and metrics.
  • Weekly Snapshot: A simple and useful campaign summary sent to users’ inboxes, with basic delivery, performance, and insights reports that invite them into Mission Control Insights to learn more.
  • Performance: Easy-to-read dashboards that convey high-level delivery, pacing, and performance against core KPIs.

“Now, our customers can take a look under the hood and see the power and quality of AI technology versus manual knob-turning systems,” said Simon Hayhurst, Rocket Fuel SVP of Product and Business Development. “By shining a light on what our AI has learned, we reinforce our commitment to the success of the marketer by giving them new unexpected insights into their customers, and tactics to try on other media channels.”

Experts When You Want Them

Mission Control Insights complements the reporting and analysis provided by Rocket Fuel account managers and analysts. This dual approach sustains the account service Rocket Fuel customers have come to expect, while empowering marketers to access and learn about their campaigns when they want.

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About Mission Control

Rocket Fuel’s Mission Control platform enables marketers and their agencies to create and manage digital-media campaigns, set objectives and targeting criteria, and gather valuable reporting and insights. It is powered by Rocket Fuel’s core machine-learning technology, which studies patterns in audiences, environments, and messages across millions of combinations of attributes, and autonomously applies those learnings in real time to media buys on display, video, mobile, and social channels. The sophisticated and versatile technology offers marketers leading performance and gives them the power, knowledge, and freedom to focus on their clients and customers.

About Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel delivers a leading programmatic media-buying platform at Big Data scale that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve marketing ROI in digital media across web, mobile, video, and social channels. Rocket Fuel powers digital advertising and marketing programs globally for customers in North America, Europe, and APAC. Customers trust Rocket Fuel’s Advertising That Learns(R) platform to achieve brand and direct-response objectives in diverse industries from luxury cars to financial services to retail. Rocket Fuel currently operates in more than 20 offices worldwide and trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker symbol “FUEL.” For more information, please visit or call 1-888-717-8873.

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