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Vishay’s New 12 V Chipscale MOSFET Cuts Power Consumption for Ultraportable Applications

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A new power MOSFET that will help decrease power consumption and extend battery usage in smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, and high-end notebook computers was released today by Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE:VSH) . The new chipscale MICRO FOOT(R) p-channel Si8457DB provides the industrys lowest on-resistance at a 1.8 V gate drive for any MOSFET with a 1.6 mm by 1.6 mm footprint and is the only such device with a VGS = +/- 8 V rating, which provides an extra margin of safety in lithium ion battery-powered applications.

Designed to be used as a battery switch and load switch in power management applications, the Si8457DB features on-resistance of 19 m at -4.5 V, 23.4 m at -2.5 V, and 35 m at -1.8 V. Compared with the next best devices in the DFN 1.6 mm square package, the rating at -1.8 V represents an improvement of 17 %. The devices low on-resistance, ratings down to -1.8 V, and +/- 8 V VGS provide a combination of safety margin, gate drive design flexibility, and high performance for most lithium ion battery-powered applications.

The Si8457DB achieves its industry-first capabilities thanks to its extremely low on-resistance per area, which enables space savings while also helping to lower battery power consumption for mobile applications. The devices low on-resistance means a very low voltage drop at DC and pulse peak currents, so less power is wasted as heat. The devices on-resistance rating at -1.8 V simplifies the task of meeting design requirements such as accommodating low battery conditions or when the IC load brings down the gate-to-source voltage.

The Si8457DB is a crucial building block in an efficient load switch for mobile power management. As a p-channel MOSFET it has the distinct advantage of being able to switch on with no requirement for a charge pump in the circuit design, and it can work directly with numerous power management and controller ICs from various suppliers.

Samples and production quantities of the Si8457DB are available now, with lead times of 13 weeks for larger orders.


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MICRO FOOT is a registered trademark of Siliconix incorporated.

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