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MiTek Sees Dramatic Adoption Rates of Its Automated Equipment and Integrated Design Software for the Manufacture of Roof Trusses, Floor Trusses, and Wall Panels

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MiTek USA today announced that it has seen a marked surge in the adoption of its automated equipment and SAPPHIRETM software for the automated design and manufacture of roof trusses, floor trusses, and wall panels. MiTek USA is a leading developer of software tools for structural design and product selection, manufacturer of automated equipment and code-approved structural connectors, and distributor of anchors, epoxy, tools, and safety equipment.

Fueled by dramatic advances in CAD/3D BIM modeling capability that MiTek has built into its SAPPHIRETM Structure software, component manufacturers can now build trusses and wall panels for fully optimized, code-compliant wood frame structures through highly automated production processes.

These latest advancements in the combined software and machinery technology also benefit builders — who are now responding to a severe labor shortage alongside the return of US housing. Prefabricated components require fewer on-site workers, less-skilled labor, and they can significantly reduce construction cycle times for builders.

“For component manufacturers who have zero tolerance for errors, yet want to be responsive to design changes and custom requests, the automated workflow that MiTek now makes possible is extraordinary,” said MiTek’s Gregg Renner. “What we have seen over the past 18 to 24 months is nothing short of a sea change, as component manufacturers have adopted MiTek’s increasingly efficient production machinery along with the software that runs it all. The expertise and capabilities of the component manufacturer are tremendous, and the benefits of prefabrication have never been more important than right now.”

MiTek truss manufacturing equipment – such as high-speed precision saws, computer-guided workflows, and layout tables where truss assembly is guided by automation and lasers – has made the truss and wall panel assembly process extraordinarily accurate and efficient. Coupled with SAPPHIRE software, MiTek truss manufacturing equipment allows component manufacturers to produce custom components at or near the same cost as stock components. What’s more, component manufacturers have found that they can accommodate last-minute changes right up until the truss stock is cut and laid out on the table through the collaboration capabilities offered by SAPPHIRE Viewer and other integrated SAPPHIRE tools.

“The adoption of 3D design software among MiTek customers has remained strong and steady since its introduction before the housing recession. It is now installed in over 80% of our customer locations across the US and Canada. Automated equipment is right behind that. MiTek has tripled its equipment production capacity in the last three years, and the component manufacturing industry is adopting advanced automation at a rate of about 25% of our customer locations per year,” added Dick Marriott. “The combined technology is a generation ahead of what was in place before the recession. And that’s great news for builders.”

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