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Daniel J. Moos of Transcontinental Realty Investors, Inc. Has Been Selected by ExecRank as a Top Chief Executive Officer for 2014

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ExecRank has selected Daniel J. Moos, President & CEO at Transcontinental Realty Investors, Inc. (NYSE: TCI), as a Top Chief Executive Officer at a Micro-Cap Company for 2014. These rankings are based on statistical and algorithmic analysis of executive and company performance and are the result of over 3 years of research and feedback from evaluation committees and top Chief Executives.

Daniel J. Moos, President & CEO of TCI ranks amongst the nation's top CEOs. (Photo: Business Wire)

Daniel J. Moos, President & CEO of TCI ranks amongst the nation’s top CEOs. (Photo: Business Wire)

According to Chris Beaver, Managing Director of ExecRank, “We were extremely impressed with the achievements of Mr. Daniel Moos. His work and reputation are highly regarded in the industry and amongst other Chief Financial Officers.”

Gene E. Phillips, advisor to the private company that Mr. Moos manages, is very happy to see this recognition of Mr. Moos by ExecRank. “We have been proud of the accomplishments that Mr. Moos has brought about to Transcontinental Realty Investors.”

ExecRank screened over 10,000 Chief Executive Officers in the United States. Only the very best are awarded the distinction of being a part of ExecRank’s Top Chief Executive Officers Ranking for 2014. As always, there was a premium on experience and track record when considering our rankings, but also on CEOs who took bold steps to help their companies maintain and grow market share in evolving industries. ExecRank weighed heavily the recommendations provided by the boards of directors of our finalists.

“Meeting and exceeding our business goals and striving to create value for our shareholders is far more important than any personal achievement. However, this ranking is a reflection of our great staff, business partners, and the overall shared commitment to excel,” commented Daniel J. Moos, President & CEO of TCI.

About Mr. Moos

Daniel J. Moos is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Transcontinental Realty Investors, Inc. and Pillar Income Asset Management based out of Dallas, TX. Mr. Moos directs the overall operations, including all financial, accounting, administrative, technology, and strategic planning of Pillar, who with its affiliates manage over $3.5 billion of commercial real estate and energy resources, including: ARL, TCI, IOR. Mr. Moos brings over 20 years of successful experience in public and private Fortune 1000 and Middle Market Companies with him to Pillar. This record of success is highlighted by his ability to understand uniquely different business models for the varying stages of growth and to maximize operational efficiencies. Mr. Moos has held significant executive-level positions and managerial roles with other companies, which involved him directly in operations, finance, business growth, and strategic planning.

Transcontinental Realty Investors maintains a strong emphasis on creating greater shareholder value through acquisition, financing, operation, developing, and sale of real estate across every geographic region in the United States. A New York Stock Exchange company, Transcontinental is traded under the symbol “TCI.” Transcontinental produces revenue through the professional management of apartments, office buildings, warehouses, and retail centers that are “undervalued” or “underperforming” at the time of acquisition. Value is added under Transcontinental ownership, and the properties are repositioned into higher classifications through physical improvements and improved management. Transcontinental also develops new properties, such as luxury apartment homes principally on land it owns or acquires.

About ExecRank

ExecRank Inc. is a research and advisory firm founded in 2010 and the leading source for executive rankings and C-Suite performance reports. Based on statistical and algorithmic analysis of executive and company performance, this research is used to make intelligent and informed decisions at the highest tier of human capital and corporate strategy for clients ranging from venture backed startups to large cap public companies. ExecRank rankings reach over 5 million readers a year in the United States alone given our partnerships with leading publishers, web sites, trade shows and more.

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