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Insignia Systems, Inc. to Introduce ‘The Like MachineTM’ at Shopper Marketing Conference

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Insignia Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: ISIG) (“Insignia” or “the Company”) today announced that it is introducing ‘The Like MachineTM’, an innovative new media which harnesses the power of social media, consumer engagement, and word-of-mouth recommendation right at the point of purchase, in partnership with TLM Holdings, LLC.

Insignia’s President and CEO Glen Dall commented, “The Like MachineTM leverages the power of opinion sharing and opinion seeking behavior at the retail shelf. For our CPG clients and retail partners, over 94% of purchases are still happening offline, far removed from that social conversation.”

Principals of TLM Holdings, LLC commented, “It is simple. We have created an easy and immediate way for shoppers to express their opinions about what they’re buying, and to be informed by the decisions of others, all where it matters most – right at the shelf. We call it In-Store SocialTM. Through this product we are also creating a completely new data stream, tracking offline approval ratings by product, by month, and to the store location, which will yield significant market insight for all retail businesses. While we had the ability to introduce this new product through various partners, we feel that Insignia is the best partner for the successful introduction of The Like MachineTM, given their deep industry relationships and ability to move quickly on a new opportunity like this.”

The Like MachineTM will be installed in front of participating brands enabling consumers to express and share their opinion with other shoppers in the store, with their retailer, and with their favorite brands. All shoppers can benefit from this device with the utilization of the “likes” counter to guide their purchase decisions.

Mr. Dall continued, “The introduction of The Like MachineTM is consistent with Insignia’s strategy to introduce innovative ways to help CPGs and retailers engage with and motivate their consumers to purchase. Initial feedback from CPG clients and retail partners has been strong, and we are excited to begin what we are describing as a Beta test period, with limited brands and retailers, starting next month. We expect larger-scale network roll-out to begin in mid-2015.”

Insignia will be featuring The Like MachineTM, along with Insignia’s core products and capabilities, at the Shopper Marketing Conference and Expo, on October 22-23, 2014, at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN. The Expo is the largest shopper marketing event in U.S. and provides marketers and retailers with collaborative solutions and actionable strategies that influence decision-making along the path to purchase.

About TLM Holdings, LLC

TLM Holdings, LLC is the developer of The Like MachineTM. Delivering social engagement in a new-to-the-world media; In-store SocialTM. The Like MachineTM empowers shoppers to express and decide wherever commerce takes place in a physical location. These “likes” are displayed signaling to other shoppers, the store, and the brands, what the local community thinks. The interaction leads to enhanced engagement at scale, unique insights and volume lifts for brands and retailers. For additional information, contact TLM Holdings, LLC at or visit the website at

About Insignia Systems, Inc.

Insignia Systems, Inc. is a developer and marketer of innovative in-store products, programs, and services that help consumer goods manufacturers and retail partners drive sales at the point of purchase. Insignia provides at-shelf media solutions in approximately 13,000 retail supermarkets, 2,000 mass merchants and 8,000 dollar stores. With a client list of over 200 major consumer goods manufacturers, including General Mills, Kellogg Company, Kraft Foods, Nestl’e, and P&G, Insignia helps major brands deliver on their key engagement, promotion, and advertising objectives right at the point-of-purchase. For additional information, contact (888) 474-7677, or visit the Insignia website at

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