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Vishay Intertechnology VRPower(R) Integrated DrMOS Power Stages Deliver High Power Density for Multiphase POL Regulators

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Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE:VSH) today introduced a new family of VRPower(R) integrated DrMOS power stage solutions in three PowerPAK(R) package sizes to meet the various design challenges in high-power and high-performance multiphase POL applications. The Vishay Siliconix SiC789 and the SiC788 are offered in the MLP66-40L with an Intel(R) 4.0 DrMOS standard (6 mm by 6 mm) footprint, while the SiC620 and the SiC620R are offered in the new 5 mm by 5 mm MLP55-31L package and the SiC521 is available in the 4.5 mm by 3.5 mm MLP4535-22L. The devices are optimized for on-board DC/DC converters in computing and storage equipment, telecom switches and routers, graphics cards, and bitcoin mining hardware with high current requirements and limited board space.

The 6 mm by 6 mm package of the SiC789 and SiC788 offers an easy upgrade path to higher output power in designs already using the Intel standard DrMOS 4.0 footprint, while the new 5 mm by 5 mm and 3.5 mm by 4.5 mm footprints are ideal for new designs where board space constraints require more compact voltage regulators. The PowerPAK MLP55-31L and MLP4535-22L also feature several design enhancements that bolster the dynamic performance of Vishay’s state-of-the art Gen IV MOSFETs by improving package parasitics and thermals.

For example, the SiC620R in a dual side cooling MLP55-31L delivers 70 A and 95 % efficiency in typical multiphase buck converter designs. The ability to cool the device from both the top and bottom of the package results in 20 % lower losses compared to the previous-generation package while shrinking the footprint by 33 %. In notebook designs and for peripheral rails in servers, telecom switches, and gaming motherboards, the compact 3.5 mm by 4.5 mm SiC521 delivers continuous current up to 25 A and peak current to 40 A.

The VRPower family’s gate driver IC is compatible with a wide range of PWM controllers and supports tri-state PWM logic of 5 V and 3.3 V. In addition, the driver IC incorporates diode emulation mode circuitry to improve light-load efficiency, while an adaptive dead time control helps to further improve efficiency at all load points. Protection features for the devices include undervoltage lockout (UVLO), shoot-through protection, and a thermal warning feature that alerts the system in case of an excessive junction temperature.

Device Specification Table:

Package Part #



Input Voltage



(5 mm x 5 mm)


5 V Yes 4.5 V – 18 V 70 A ZCD


3.3 V


5 V No 4.5 V – 18 V 60 A ZCD


3.3 V

(6 mm x 6 mm)


5 V No 4.5 V – 18 V 60 A SMOD


3.3 V


5 V No 4.5 V – 18 V 50 A SMOD


3.3 V

(4.5 mm x 3.5 mm)


5 V No 4.5 V – 18 V 40 A ZCD


3.3 V

Samples and production quantities of the VRPower family are available now, with lead times of 12 weeks for larger orders.

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc., a Fortune 1000 Company listed on the NYSE (VSH), is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors (diodes, MOSFETs, and infrared optoelectronics) and passive electronic components (resistors, inductors, and capacitors). These components are used in virtually all types of electronic devices and equipment, in the industrial, computing, automotive, consumer, telecommunications, military, aerospace, power supplies, and medical markets. Vishay’s product innovations, successful acquisition strategy, and “one-stop shop” service have made it a global industry leader. Vishay can be found on the Internet at

VRPower and PowerPAK are registered trademarks of Siliconix incorporated.

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Link to product datasheets: (SiC620R, SiC620AR) (SiC620, SiC620A) (SiC789, SiC789A) (SiC788, SiC788A) (SiC521, SiC521A)

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