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Tezzaron to Incorporate Rambus ReRAM Memory Technology

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Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ:RMBS) and Tezzaron Semiconductor today announced that they have signed an agreement to incorporate Rambus oxide-resistive memory (ReRAM) technology in forthcoming Tezzaron devices. This architecture license gives Tezzaron access to system IP, specifications and validation suites to design differentiated chips using ReRAM, which is ideally suited to improve the power and performance requirements in military, aerospace, and commercial memory applications.

“Rambus is a great company to work with and their ReRAM technology is a game-changer,” said Bob Patti, chief technology officer at Tezzaron. “By implementing ReRAM in our unique 3D architecture, we can revolutionize high-performance computing with better endurance and superior power efficiency.”

“At Rambus we are continually developing comprehensive memory solutions that take into account the evolving needs of an increasingly diverse market,” said Gary Bronner, vice president of Rambus Labs. “ReRAM fills the gap between what DRAM and Flash can provide while being highly reliable and high speed. Collaboration with Tezzaron takes full advantage of this new technology by differentiating the memory architecture for numerous use cases across the embedded landscape.”

Tezzaron plans to build ReRAM into storage-class 3D memory devices for military, aerospace and commercial applications. Tezzaron also plans to implement ReRAM in an assortment of SoCs, FPGAs and processors to exploit the extensive split-fab production experience of Tezzaron’s fabrication subsidiary, Novati Technologies. Using ReRAM, Novati can add hundreds of megabytes of storage to a logic device manufactured in a standard commercial fab.

In addition to military and aerospace applications, ReRAM technology can be utilized in a variety of embedded storage memory devices where low power, design integration, cost and performance are all important factors. Among these, the development of storage memory in connected devices is fast becoming critical.

The first in Tezzaron’s family of ReRAM devices is currently in design and is scheduled for production in 2016.

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