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Parker Aerospace Selected by AVIC Aircraft to Provide Flight Controls and the Hydraulic System on the MA700

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Parker Aerospace has been selected by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China’s AVIC Aircraft Co. Ltd. (Xi’an branch) to supply the flight control actuation and hydraulic system for the new MA700 regional aircraft. The announcement was made during a signing ceremony for the letters of intent for the work packages.

Parker Aerospace will provide fly-by-wire actuators for the new twin turboprop MA700. Part of the bill of material will be provided by Parker’s partner AVIC FACRI (Flight Automated Control Research Institute).

Fly-by-wire flight controls will replace the conventional hydro-mechanical flight control actuators that accept electrical commands from the flight control electronics to link pilot commands to flight control surfaces. Fly-by-wire provides increased functionality and easier installation.

The MA700’s hydraulic system will be designed and manufactured by Parker, providing the functionality necessary to power and control the aircraft’s flight control system, landing gear and steering system and brakes.

As the systems provider, Parker will be responsible for architecture development, system sizing and analysis, equipment development and qualification, and integration testing that supports overall aircraft certification. Part of the bill of material will be provided by Parker’s partner AVIC NEIAS (Nanjing Engineering Institute of Aircraft Systems).

Parker Aerospace and AVIC Aircraft are in discussion to provide additional bills of material on the MA700.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the MA700 turboprop and look forward to developing and supporting these work packages for our important customer, AVIC Aircraft,” said Parker Aerospace Regional General Manager for the Asia Pacific Region Dr. Pui Ho.

Parker has a long relationship with AVIC and is currently establishing two joint venture companies with AVIC’s FACRI and AVIC NEIAS.

The joint venture between Parker and AVIC’s FACRI – called Parker FACRI Actuation Systems – is located in Xi’an and is developing the flight control actuation system for the COMAC C919. In addition, it will include a customer service repair center that will be responsible for Parker Aerospace, AVIC, and third-party products. MA700 flight control products will eventually be assembled and tested in this facility.

This joint venture is located close to where the MA700 will be designed and manufactured to provide rapid turnaround service to AVIC Aircraft.

The joint venture between Parker and AVIC NEIAS – called NEIAS Parker Aero Systems & Equipment – is located in Nanjing and will develop the COMAC C919’s complete fuel, inerting, and hydraulic systems. A significant portion of the systems’ component assembly, test, and manufacture will take place at the new facility, as well as systems integration test functions. MA700 hydraulic system products will be assembled and tested in this facility.

Parker also provides the fuel, hydraulic, and flight control actuation systems for COMAC’s ARJ21 and C919 aircraft and has been a Gold Supplier on these programs for eight years.

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