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Tyler Technologies and Australia-based Record Holdings Form Alliance for Digital Court Recording and Case Management

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Tyler Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:TYL) has entered into a strategic sales and marketing alliance with Record Holdings Pty Limited (Record Holdings), an Australian, privately held company specializing in digitizing the spoken word in court and legal settings. As part of the new alliance, Tyler made a $15 million investment in Record Holdings to help the company more rapidly expand in the U.S. and now holds convertible preferred stock representing a 20 percent interest in the company. The two companies will also share certain revenues in the future.

Record Holdings is based in Brisbane and operates primarily in Australia through its subsidiary, Auscript Australasia Pty Ltd (Auscript). Auscript is the leading provider of court transcript services in Australia. In 2013, Record Holdings acquired For The Record (FTR), a U.S. company. Founded in 1993, FTR is the global leader of digital recording software and hardware integration services to courts in the U.S., Canada and throughout the world, with over 27,000 installations in 61 countries. The firm’s clients are typically court administrators and court clerks.

Tyler plans to leverage Record Holdings’ international expertise and relationships, particularly in Australia and the British Commonwealth, making Odyssey(R) court case management system available to courts beyond Tyler’s traditional U.S. market.

FTR markets FALCON, a complete digital evidence recording platform for court administrators, clerks and support staff. FTR offers a diverse product suite:

  • ReporterTM is a multi-channel digital recording solution
  • InterrogatorTM provides digital audio-visual recordings for law enforcement interviews
  • MonitorTM centrally monitors and remotely controls court proceedings
  • Log NotesTM annotates recordings
  • ManagerTM stores and archives digital recordings
  • LiveCopyTM distributes court recordings on demand
  • PlayerTM provides full playback control of the record
  • Court.fmTM delivers near-live access to court recordings
  • Transcript ExpressTM is FTR’s newest innovation for online management of the courtroom, audio distribution, transcription process, managing assignments, receiving payments, delivering transcripts and more, all in real time

“FTR’s products are a natural extension to the comprehensive solution that Odyssey provides to courts. By partnering with FTR and building integration between our products, both Tyler and FTR will help our clients operate more efficiently,” said Bruce Graham, president of Tyler’s Courts & Justice Division. “We look forward to the companies’ sales and marketing teams collaborating to identify and pursue opportunities for Tyler to grow internationally, and for FTR to accelerate its expansion in the U.S.”

In total, Odyssey serves more than 100 million residents, a third of the U.S. population, in more than 600 counties across 21 states. Odyssey has been successfully deployed statewide in Indiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota; statewide implementations in Idaho, Maryland, Oregon, Rhode Island and Washington are currently underway.

About Record Holdings Pty Ltd.

Brisbane-based Record Holdings is the owner of For The Record (FTR) and Auscript. For The Record is the most tested and trusted digital evidence recording platform in the world. 20 years ago, FTR pioneered the technologies that have become the industry standard for digitizing the spoken word. Its development operation, FTR Labs, is headquartered in Brisbane, with an additional development facility in Perth. FTR’s sales and support team are based in Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona, and the company also has a presence throughout Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Auscript has been trusted for more than 90 years to capture, store, distribute and transcribe public and confidential records. With the highest published quality ratings in the country, Auscript is the market leader in mission-critical recording and transcription services for justice, business, government, and law enforcement clients in Australia. More information about Record Holdings and FTR can be found at and

About Tyler Technologies, Inc.

Tyler Technologies (NYSE:TYL) is a leading provider of end-to-end information management solutions and services for local governments. Tyler partners with clients to empower the public sector – cities, counties, schools and other government entities – to become more efficient, more accessible and more responsive to the needs of citizens. Tyler’s client base includes more than 11,000 local government offices in all 50 states, Canada, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom and other international locations. Forbes has named Tyler one of “America’s Best Small Companies” eight times and the company has been included four times on the Barron’s 400 Index, a measure of the most promising companies in America. More information about Plano-based Tyler Technologies can be found at

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