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SiBEAM Expands Gigabit Wireless Portfolio with New WiGig 802.11ad Solution

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SiBEAM, a pioneer and leader in millimeter wave technologies for wireless communications, today announced the release of its new SB6501 and SB6510 UltraGigTM network processor and RF transceiver chipset. These products expand the company’s indoor gigabit wireless solutions, featuring SiBEAM’s proven millimeter wave expertise for the next-generation of Wi-Fi connectivity – 802.11ad (also known as WiGig(R)). The WiGig-compliant chipset delivers multi-gigabit throughput for ultra-fast data access and 4K ultra high-definition (UHD) video transmissions, and is ideal for use in smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks, access points, and wireless docks.

Wireless data traffic continues to grow exponentially, causing significant Wi-Fi congestion that is a critical bottleneck in wireless networks. With up to 7Gb/s of bandwidth, WiGig 802.11ad is expected to transform future Wi-Fi connectivity by adding needed network capacity in the unlicensed 60GHz spectrum and providing throughput up to 10 times faster than today’s Wi-Fi technology.

“Global consumers are demanding ultra-high-speed connectivity without wires tethering them to their devices,” said Tim Bajarin, President of Creative Strategies. “The ability to deliver multi-gigabit data transfer for everyday applications – from video streaming to backing up files – is clearly the next breakthrough in wireless communication. SiBEAM’s new UltraGig product, which leverages its production-proven 60GHz technology, places the company at the forefront of the millimeter wave market, delivering optimum, high-speed throughput for data transfer and Ultra HD video streaming.”

SiBEAM’s UltraGig solution incorporates advanced beam-forming technology and features a unique antenna diversity architecture supporting single or dual-antenna array architecture. Antenna diversity provides RF placement flexibility, while enhancing system RF robustness. Its small form factor supports a wide range of product designs and represents an optimized solution between power efficiency, bandwidth and cost.

“As consumer demand for wireless data and video continues to grow, 802.11ad in the 60GHz spectrum delivers the much needed network capacity, making it a viable extension to the congested 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi spectrum,” said Khurram Sheikh, President of SiBEAM, Inc. “Our new SB6501 and SB6510 UltraGig chipset further strengthens our market leadership by expanding our millimeter wave expertise and product portfolio to meet the demand for multi-gigabit wireless data and video connectivity.”

Key features of the SiBEAM UltraGig SB6501 and SB6510 network processor and RF transceiver include:

  • SB6501 802.11ad compliant network processor
  • SB6510 single-chip transceiver with integrated RF and antenna array
  • Proven best-of-breed beam-forming technology
  • Dual-antenna array diversity architecture to support robust RF links
  • High throughput for multi-gigabit data transfers and 4K UHD video streaming
  • Optimized for smartphone, tablets, ultrabooks, wireless docks and accessories
  • Support for a wide variety of applications processor platforms with USB 3.0 and PCI Express interfaces
  • Low power, small form factor package

About SiBEAM, Inc.

SiBEAM is a pioneer in developing intelligent millimeter wave technologies for wireless communications. The company was the first to build 60GHz chipsets using standard CMOS technology. SiBEAM is a global leader in driving next-generation architecture and semiconductor implementation of wireless connectivity solutions in the consumer electronics, mobile, enterprise and infrastructure markets. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Silicon Image, Inc. For more information, visit

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