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Ivy Funds InvestEd Named One of Best Performing Advisor-sold 529 Plans

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Families often need all the help they can get when saving for college,
and Ivy Funds InvestEd 529 Plan continues to rank among the
best-performing 529 savings plan choices, according to

The website, which is devoted to researching state sponsored 529 college
savings plans around the country, once again ranked Ivy Funds InvestEd
529 Plan among the top-performing advisor-sold plans, over the latest
one-year and three-year periods. The largest 529 plan sponsored by
Arizona, the InvestEd 529 Plan was the second best performing
advisor-sold 529 plan over the one-year period ended June 30, 2014, out
of 31 plans. The plan also was ranked fourth over the three-year period
ended June 30, 2014, out of 28 plans. Plans sold directly to consumers
are ranked separately.

Each quarter,
analyzes the investment performance figures for hundreds of 529
portfolios and ranks advisor-sold 529 savings plans from best to worst
for investment performance over multiple time periods.

“The Ivy Funds InvestEd 529 Plan has performed consistently well and has
remained an attractive college savings option for families. The
popularity of the InvestEd plan is evident because it holds 60% of the
college savings dollars in the Arizona Family College Savings Program,”
said Dr. April L. Osborn, executive director of the Arizona Commission
for Postsecondary Education.

The percentile scores are derived from an average of representative
portfolios, which selected to better compare plans
equitably. The website selected specific portfolios from each 529 plan,
or hundreds of investments, that can be compared on an apples-to-apples
basis to portfolios in other 529 plans based on their allocation among
stocks, bonds, and short-term instruments (money market and guaranteed
investments). They set up seven different asset-allocation categories
ranging from 100% equity to 100% fixed-income. Rankings include maximum
sales charges. The Ivy Funds InvestEd 529 Plan ranked 10th out of 22
plans for the five-year period ended June 30, 2014, but does not yet
have enough portfolios with the performance history to be included in
the 10-year rankings. For more information on the rankings, visit

The Ivy Funds InvestEd 529 Plan includes three actively managed
age-based or static portfolios and 16 individual portfolios. The
age-based and static portfolios are actively managed fund of funds. The
underlying investments are from Waddell & Reed Advisors Funds. The
individual portfolios are actively managed portfolios from Ivy Funds.
For more information about the Ivy Funds InvestEd 529 Plan or 529 plans
in general, contact your local financial advisor or visit

Ivy Funds and Waddell & Reed Advisors Funds again both turned in a
strong showing in the latest Barron’s ranking of the “Best
Mutual Fund Families,”
published Feb. 8, 2014. Ivy Funds
ranked No. 1 over the past 10 years, out of 48 firms, and No. 5 over the
past five years, out of 55 firms. It continues a string of strong
performance for Ivy, as the fund family has appeared in the top five of
the 10-year ranking since 2010 and in the top five of the 5-year ranking
since 2008. Ivy Funds narrowly missed the top 10 over one year, ranking
No. 11 out of 64 firms. Making the top 10 across all three time periods,
Waddell & Reed Advisors Funds ranked No. 5 out of 64 fund families over
the past 12 months. The fund family ranked No. 9 over the five-year
period, out of 55 firms, and has been in the top 10 of that period for
five of the past six years. It ranked No. 4 over the 10-year period out
of 48 firms.

Barron’s rankings (published Feb. 8, 2014) are based on asset-weighted
returns in five categories: domestic equity, world equity (including
international and global portfolios), mixed asset (stocks and bonds),
taxable bonds and tax exempt bonds. Rankings also take into account an
individual fund’s performance within its Lipper peer group. Sales
charges are not included in the calculation of returns, and the ranking
period included time periods during which some funds’ returns were
affected by expense reduction arrangements.

The Ivy Funds InvestEd 529 Plan is offered by Waddell & Reed, Inc. as
part of the Arizona Family College Savings Program (the “Program”).
Waddell & Reed, Inc. is one of multiple financial institutions eligible
to offer investments under the Program. Non-residents or taxpayers of
states other than Arizona should consider participating in the 529
plan(s) available in their state of residence, as such plan(s) may offer
more favorable state income tax or other benefits than those offered
under the Ivy Funds InvestEd 529 Plan. Please consult your tax advisor
regarding your personal tax situation. Accounts are not insured by the
State of Arizona, the Trust, the Arizona Commission for Postsecondary
Education, or any other governmental entity, Waddell & Reed, Inc., or
any affiliated or related party, and neither the principal deposited nor
the investment return is guaranteed by any of the above referenced

Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges
and expenses associated with the Ivy Funds InvestEd 529 Plan carefully
before investing. This and other information is found in the Ivy Funds
InvestEd 529 Plan Program Overview, the Ivy Funds InvestEd 529 Plan
Account Application, and the prospectuses, or if available, summary
prospectuses, all of which can be obtained from your financial advisor.
Please read these materials carefully before investing. An investor
should also consider, before investing, whether the investor’s or
designated beneficiary’s home state offers any state tax or other
benefits that are only available for investments in such state’s 529
college savings plan.

Investment return and principal value will fluctuate, and it is possible
to lose money by investing. Past performance is not a guarantee of
future results. Investors should consider the investment objectives,
risks, charges and expenses of a fund carefully before investing. For a
prospectus, or if available, a summary prospectus, containing this and
other information for a fund, call your financial advisor or visit
Please read the prospectus or summary prospectus carefully before

Ivy Funds and Waddell & Reed Advisors Funds are distributed by Ivy Funds
Distributor, Inc. and Waddell & Reed, Inc., respectively.

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