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Toro WaterSmart Irrigation Offers Immediate Solutions to Help Californians Meet Water Reduction Mandate

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California Governor Jerry Brown’s recent mandate to reduce water use by 25 percent throughout the state has many wondering what this means for their lawns and landscapes. While the water crisis is very real, the recent news may have residents believing that the only answer is to completely remove the turf in their yard or resort to a dead, brown lawn. What may not be known is that a simple and cost-effective upgrade to their irrigation system, which can be performed in minutes, could help reduce outdoor water usage by 30 percent or more. That’s well beyond the 25 percent reduction mandate and, even better, the efficient irrigation nozzles cost only a few dollars, so it won’t break the bank.

Responsible water management, from homeowners to business leaders and top government administrators, is critical to getting through the drought with minimal economic impact. To that end, The Toro Company has dedicated itself to developing WaterSmart(R) Irrigation products that use water efficiently to reduce water waste, and provide the greatest benefit to turf and landscape plants. Simply upgrading an existing irrigation system with these WaterSmart Irrigation products can make a significant difference in water consumption, without sacrificing the lush green spaces that we enjoy.

One of the quickest ways to immediately reduce water consumption is by switching out traditional sprinkler nozzles with Toro’s PrecisionTM Series Spray Nozzles. These nozzles use up to 1/3 less water to achieve the same spray pattern and coverage as traditional nozzles (based on internal flow rate test data in Riverside, CA). In addition, PrecisionTM Series Nozzles apply water more efficiently so that landscape growth and plant health does not suffer.

“These nozzles take seconds to install and are rebated by many agencies, or can be obtained for free through in many areas of the state,” said Tim Barr, Deputy Director of Water Resources for Western Municipal Water District. “Most compelling is the fact that they are designed to work with nearly all manufacturers’ spray bodies and achieve distances of throw equivalent to that of conventional spray nozzles, but with significantly less water usage. Installation of more efficient sprinkler products, coupled with appropriate irrigation scheduling, will help our communities reduce water demand during the drought without compromising the health of landscapes.”

Adding a smart controller is another way to quickly upgrade an irrigation system. Toro’s EVOLUTION(R) controller includes the option to add a weather sensor or wireless PrecisionTM Soil Sensor. These technologies help determine how much water is applied, and how often, based on the current weather or soil conditions. For many who do not take the time to make adjustments to their irrigation controller throughout the year, these products take the guesswork out of programming the controller and can significantly reduce water usage. Independent studies show that 30 percent or more in water savings can be achieved by adding a smart controller, since it takes into account specific landscape conditions to determine just the right amount of water necessary to keep plants healthy without overwatering. (Water-saving claim based on New Mexico State University study, “Toro Moisture Sensor for Turfgrass Water Conservation,” conducted over a two year period.)

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