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WEX Inc. Introduces FlexCard, the New Revolving Fuel Card for Small Businesses

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WEX Inc. (NYSE:WEX) , a leading provider of corporate payment solutions, today announced the launch of the WEX FlexCard, its first revolving payment fleet fuel card for small businesses. WEX FlexCard was designed to help small businesses save time and money on fuel and vehicle services, two of their biggest expenses. The card provides small businesses with revolving credit, wide acceptance and smart management tools.

WEX Inc. Introduces FlexCard, the New Revolving Fuel Card for Small Businesses (Photo: Business Wire

WEX Inc. Introduces FlexCard, the New Revolving Fuel Card for Small Businesses (Photo: Business Wire)

WEX FlexCard integrates the advantages of a credit card and a fleet card payment solution to provide small business managers and drivers with flexibility, security, data intelligence and expense control. Small business managers gain the flexibility to pay in-full or carry a balance when cash is tight; driver ID tracking for protection against unauthorized spending; real-time viewing of purchase transactions to stop chasing down receipts; and online tools for ordering, deleting and immediately suspending lost or stolen driver cards.

“Although many businesses are enjoying lower fuel prices today, our research shows that nearly half of businesses’ operating costs are fleet related and about half of that is for fuel,” said Peggy Watson, WEX’s vice president of North America fleet product and marketing. “For 30 years, WEX has helped businesses manage fuel and vehicle services expenses, and this customized solution addresses small businesses’ need for cash flow flexibility.”

Further, WEX FlexCard will provide WEX’s petroleum fuel partners with another product for expanded growth and revenue in their current customer portfolios.

To learn more about WEX FlexCard visit and Also, check out the Small Business Needs Fact Sheet.

About WEX Inc.

WEX Inc. (NYSE:WEX) is a leading provider of corporate payment solutions. From its roots in fleet card payments beginning in 1983, WEX has expanded the scope of its business into a multi-channel provider of corporate payment solutions representing 9 million vehicles and offering exceptional payment security and control across a wide spectrum of business sectors. WEX serves a global set of customers and partners through its operations around the world, with offices in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Norway, and Singapore. WEX and its subsidiaries employ more than 2,000 associates. The Company has been publically traded since 2005, and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “WEX.” For more information, visit and follow WEX on Twitter at @WEXIncNews.

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