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Vishay Intertechnology Ultrasoft Recovery FRED Pt(R) Gen 4 Ultrafast Diodes Reduce Conduction Losses and Increase Efficiency

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Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE:VSH) today introduced 28 new 600 V and 650 V FRED Pt(R) Gen 4 Ultrafast recovery diodes optimized for high-frequency converters in power modules, motor drives, UPS, solar inverters, and welding machine inverters. Offered as die in wafer form, Vishay Semiconductors “H” and “U” series devices offer ultra-low forward voltage and reverse recovery charge to reduce losses and increase efficiency, while their extremely soft turn-off behavior minimizes overvoltages under all switching conditions.

The devices released today are designed for use as anti-parallel diodes in combination with Vishay’s new Trench insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs). Together, the Ultrafast diodes and IGBTs provide low EMI and plug-and-play reliability for single- and three-phase inverters, as well as full- and half-bridge DC/DC converters. The “H” and “U” series devices can also be used as stand-alone components for power factor correction (PFC) circuits, boosters, choppers, and secondary-side rectification.

Designed to minimize conduction losses in medium-speed circuits, 600 V “U” series diodes feature extremely low forward voltage down to 1.4 V for 600 V devices and 1.48 V for 650 V devices. Optimized to deliver high speeds for higher-frequency applications, “H” series diodes offer reverse recovery times down to 25 ns with low typical forward voltages down to 1.65 V for 600 V devices and 1.74 V for 650 V devices.

The Gen 4 diodes feature improved technologies in their active area and termination design – allowing for forward currents ranging from 12 A to 250 A in smaller die sizes than previous-generation devices – while their reduced thickness improves thermal impedance. For high reliability, the polyimide passivated diodes offer a high operating temperature to +175 ^0C.

Samples and production quantities of the Gen 4 Ultrasoft recovery diodes are available now, with lead times of eight weeks for large orders. To request further information, please contact

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc., a Fortune 1000 Company listed on the NYSE (VSH), is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors (diodes, MOSFETs, and infrared optoelectronics) and passive electronic components (resistors, inductors, and capacitors). These components are used in virtually all types of electronic devices and equipment, in the industrial, computing, automotive, consumer, telecommunications, military, aerospace, power supplies, and medical markets. Vishay’s product innovations, successful acquisition strategy, and “one-stop shop” service have made it a global industry leader. Vishay can be found on the Internet at

FRED Pt is a registered trademark of Vishay Intertechnology.

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