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Fluidigm Brings Automated Targeted Library Prep to Juno

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Fluidigm Corporation (NASDAQ:FLDM) will disclose details of its new automated library preparation application for targeted sequencing, optimized for its JunoTM system, at the upcoming European Human Genetics Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, June 6-9. The new library preparation application will expand genomic coverage capacity by an order of magnitude over current Fluidigm offerings. This application is scheduled for commercial release by the fourth quarter of 2015.

Fluidigm’s automated library preparation application for targeted sequencing will include reagents that have been optimized for high target multiplexing, integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) capable of processing up to 192 or 48 samples (per IFC) in parallel, and benchtop automation with the Juno system. Juno, released earlier this year, is designed for genomic applications relevant to clinical and translational research, in addition to production genotyping. The new automated library preparation application joins all the legacy applications that are enabled on Juno, in addition to the SNP genotyping IFC that enabled scientists to genotype challenging DNA samples from buccal swabs, FFPE, and polyploid organisms.

The new application easily accommodates genomic coverage density of up to 5,000 targeted genomic loci per sample. This amount of genomic coverage density is in demand by translational and clinical research labs that need to screen comprehensive gene sets across large sample numbers within an efficient period of time.

“Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies have transformed life sciences, enabling many new breakthroughs in genetics research and their applications to medical practice and public health,” said Steve McPhail, Fluidigm’s General Manager, Production Genomics. “Traditional methods of library preparation, including targeted sequencing methods, are manual and tedious, introducing risk to quality and reproducibility through the high number of steps and touch points in the protocols. For many labs performing targeted sequencing, the majority of cost and effort are dedicated to preparing samples for sequencing rather than doing the actual sequencing itself,” McPhail explained.

Fluidigm’s library preparation application features a walk-away workflow. Following one pipetting step to load samples and reagents, the application generates barcoded libraries in a single day (or programmed overnight). The workflow is “load-and-go,” consisting of loading the IFC into the Juno system and then allowing the platform to automatically amplify, prepare and harvest the barcoded library material for next-generation sequencing. With no demand for hands-on time during this process, laboratory staff efficiency is maximized and risk of workflow handling error is eliminated. These benefits are achieved while doubling sample throughput capacity as compared with other benchtop platforms currently in the market.

Direct run costs have been reduced significantly by this application. Targeted sequencing library preparation running on the Juno system provides an estimated savings per sample of at least 60% when compared with competitive offerings. Libraries prepared on the Juno system can be sequenced on any Illumina sequencer and the application supports both bulk DNA and whole-genome amplified (WGA) single-cell DNA inputs.

“Production genomics laboratories specifically look for low cost per test, automation that allows them to avoid low-throughput and high-costs associated with extensive labor requirements, rapid turnaround time, and uncompromised accuracy. These translational and clinical research laboratories typically process very high test volumes. Fluidigm’s application appears unmatched and poised to deliver significant value to this market segment,” McPhail added.

For many laboratories, the quickest and easiest way to access the Fluidigm platform will be to leverage Fluidigm’s validated assay designs for full-length genes or mutational hotspots related to cancer or other specific disease areas. Customers may customize their panel with individual assays using Fluidigm’s D3TM web-based assay design tool or by working with Fluidigm’s assay design experts.

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