Germany Unemployment Rate


Released on a monthly basis by the German Statistics Office, the unemployment rate is used to gauge the health of the German labour market. The unemployment rate represents the percentage of the labour force not currently employed. The labour force consists of employed workers and unemployed workers actively seeking work. The percentage rate mentioned above is seasonally adjusted.
Latest Release: 27-11-2014 08:55:00
Next Release: 30-10-2013 08:55:00
Source:Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland

Germany’s Department of Labour has just published the September update to the country’s Unemployment rate, the seasonally adjusted headline figure remains once again at the 6.7% level it has been holding at since the start of this year, there was no material expectation for any change in this figure today. The actual Unemployment Change figure is recording a rise of 13K compared to the moderate increase of 1K in August, there was an expectation today that the figure would drop by approximately -2K.

Earlier this morning the German Statistics Office updated the Retail Sales figures for the month of August and there is some signs of a healthy pick up within the domestic economy. August recorded a month on month growth in Retail Sales of 2.5%, this surprised analysts that had been expecting a more moderate recovery of 0.5% following on from July’s -1.1% drop. On a year on year basis the Retail Sales number has expanded 0.1%, this is clearly lower than the July number of 1.1%, which has just been revised upward, but beats the market estimate of a -0.2% drop.

Today’s month on month rise in the Retail Sales number is...