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Released by the CESifo Group, the IFO Current Assessment Index is an indicator of current business conditions in Germany. The indicator is derived from a survey of 7,000 executives in manufacturing, construction, wholesaling and retailing. The survey asks respondents to assess their current business conditions and future outlook.
Latest Release: 18-12-2014 09:00:00
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Source:CESifo Group
Fall In German Consumer Confidence
Sep 26th, 2014 at 07:49 AM

The consumer sector in Germany has further deteriorated according to the latest report from GFK. This GFK Consumer Confidence Survey for the month of October now stands at a level of 8.3, this is the second consecutive month that this gauge has fallen, the September reading was 8.6 and there was an expectation that today’s number would be more in the region of 8.5.

The evidence now appearing of a softening in the domestic market does not bode well for a return to the recovery path for the Eurozone’s largest economy. Earlier in the week the IFO surveys of current and future business conditions also continued on their downward trajectory suggesting that concerns among the state of the German recovery are growing more and more pervasive. It is this crumbling of the optimism in what has so far been the one of most solid and upbeat economy’s in Europe that is of the greatest concern for the overall Eurozone. So far however the downturn in domestic consumer and business outlook has not directly manifested itself in a noticeable fall in economic conditions but a failure to turn sentiment around could lead to actual economic damage as spending and investment are put on hold. Should these early warning signs...