USA GDP Preliminary Estimate - QoQ


Gross domestic product (GDP) is a measure of the total value of goods and services produced in the economy. It is the most direct measure of economic growth. Countries and economic regions usually report on GDP on a quarterly and annual basis. GDP data are typically provided as percent changes from the previous quarter or year-ago levels.
Latest Release: 25-11-2014 13:30:00
Next Release: 28-02-2014 13:30:00
Source:US Department of Commerce

US business inventories rose steadily in July, offering yet another sign the overall economy was improving in the second half of the year, but probably not enough to change the view that inventory accumulation could weigh on third quarter GDP growth.

Business inventories – an indicator of stockpiles held by manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers that is used to calculate gross domestic product – increased 0.4 percent in July to $1,750.1 billion, following an identical increase the previous month, the Commerce Department reported today in Washington. The reading was in line with the consensus estimate. Compared to July 2013, business inventories were up 5.9 percent.

Changes in business inventories, which reflect the smallest component of GDP, signal changes in aggregate demand, a key indicator of future economic activity.

Business sales also appreciated in July, official data showed. The combined value of distributive trade sales and manufacturers’ shipments rose 0.8 percent to $1,360.3 billion. This translated into an annualized gain of 5.3 percent.

The inventory-to-sales ratio at the end of July was 1.29, little changed from the year-ago ratio of 1.28.

Retailers registered the largest increase in inventories at 1 percent. Compared to July 2013, retail inventories were up 6.6 percent.

Retail inventories excluding...