Forex Education

The foreign exchange market is a global liquid market that is active 24 hours a day 6 days a week. The market provides corporations with a market in which they can hedge their currency exposure as well as speculators with liquidity to generate investments based on global macro flows. The FOREX market has a rich history, and has evolved over time by creating multiple investment vehicles which provide easy access to alternative asset class.

This forex course will touch on some of the basics which include the history of the currency markets as well as the securities that actively trade throughout the year. The in depth articles in this course will focus on trading logistics and how to calculate trading quantities along with profit and loss. The course will touch on margin, gearing, and a number of order types which are available for most investors. There will also be a section on risk management and strategies that can be used to initiate and exit positions. By the end of this course a novice trader should be confident that they understand the basics of currency trading and how to avoid a number of key pitfalls that can lead to a substantial risk of capital. The advance trader should garner a number of intricate techniques that will increase the odds of consistent returns.


Trading Logistics


Forex Market Movements


Risk Management


Technical analysis and FOREX


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