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  • Liquidation by Hedge Funds Allows Oil to Gain Traction

    Crude oil prices gained traction on Monday despite continued slowing in Chinese manufacturing as reported from their official PMI survey.  The better than expected Japanese Tankan helped lift petroleum prices, as large manufacturers continued to show strength. The manufacturing readings in the world’s second largest economy continued to weaken as the official PMI came in

  • US stocks on the release of the Chicago PMI

    Stocks in the US got off to a soft note, moving lower on the open prior to the release of the Chicago PMI report and the Consumer Confidence report. With information over the past week reporting that both reports are sold early to specific paying customers investors were keen to watch the results on the

  • Gold traders lower into oversold territory

    Gold prices remained under pression for the 3rd straight trading session moving lower as investors continue to liquidate short dollar positions. Gold has taken the brunt of the short dollar rally as investors have moved out of gold as US yields have rallied. Despite calls from the FOMC and Federal Reserve Presidents that quantitative easing

  • Dollar continues to gain traction
    Forex » Dollar continues to gain traction
    Finances - June 28, 2013, 18:46 GMT

    The dollar continued to gain ground against the Yen as a combination of strong interest rate differential and a rising Nikkei helped the greenback gain ground against the Japanese currency. The USDJPY currency pair edged above support levels despite a slight decline in US ten year interest rates down to 2.47 from a high on

  • Stocks climb after solid US data

    Stock prices in the US started off on a solid note on the heels of Wednesday’s rally which saw the major indexes recoup some of the prior two weeks slide. Sentiment continues to remain negative with many market pundits believing that the tapering of bond purchases by the Federal Reserve is akin to tightening interest

  • Oil prices remain elevated despite weakening fundamentals

    Oil prices were able to hold their ground on Wednesday and Thursday despite weaker than expected US economic data and softer inventory information released on Wednesday by the Department of Energy. Oil prices have been elevated by tension in the Middle East, but with US domestic demand for gasoline showing lackluster results, prices could weaken

  • Gold Down To Three Year Low
    Commodities » Gold Down To Three Year Low
    Finances - June 27, 2013, 17:40 GMT

    The sell off in precious metals continued today as improving US data strengthened the case for easing back on Fed stimulus and investors moved into positions accordingly.Gold,moved downwards hitting a three year low as investors remained convinced that stimulus programs will soon taper, especially following on from stronger-than-expected housing, factory and consumer sentiment figures all

  • Stocks rise despite soft GDP data

    Stock markets around the globe received a lift on Wednesday on the heels of central bank comments in China, the US and European which gave investors’ confidence that liquidly would be provided despite the seasonal drain on the interbank market. On Tuesday the US markets received a boost and on Wednesday the Chinese stock markets

  • Dollar gains on solid US data
    Forex » Dollar gains on solid US data
    Finances - June 27, 2013, 11:07 GMT

    The dollar continued to gain traction against most major currencies as increasing long term interest rates differentials continue to favor the greenback. On Tuesday, better than expected housing data combined with strong consumer confidence lifted the dollar against the Euro and Yen as well as commodities such as gold and silver. Long term yield differentials

  • Gold is slammed in active trading

    Gold prices were hammered on Wednesday, as investors continued to realize that inflation expectations continued to fall draining the value of the yellow metal. With interest rates rising in the US and Europe despite low levels of economic activity, gold prices continue to face headwinds in the form of a stronger dollar. At the beginning

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