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  • Volatile week ends with moderate rises

    By the closing bell in US trading yesterday, the markets appeared to stabilize as investors around the globe had time to digest and act upon the clearest indications that the Federal Reserve is to begin scaling back stimulus programs in the coming months, possibly by September. Investors came out from the sidelines and snapped up

  • Markets steady as global rebound begins

    In low volume trading seen in Asian and then in European trading sessions, the US Dollar continued its ascent whilst stocks and indices recovered some of the heavy losses made on Thursday after the Federal Reserve announcements. Asian stocks led the reversal after initially making early losses in overnight trading, following on from the largest

  • Gold follows commodity currencies to the bottom following FOMC announcement

    The shaky global commodity market suffered another blow on Thursday, a mere day after Fed chief Ben Bernanke reaffirmed his faith in deepening US recovery. The growing likelihood that the Fed will taper its $85 billion monthly asset purchase program this year struck fear in the hearts of commodity traders all over the world, igniting

  • The Fed Fallout: Breaking down the North American pair

    USD/CAD went straight to work following Wednesday’s FOMC policy announcement, closing the North American session almost a full cent ahead of where it started. On Thursday, the markets were still buzzing from the Fed’s announcement that stimulus could be scaled back by end of year if the US economy continued to show progress. As the

  • Global stocks down as Dollar gains
    Business » Global stocks down as Dollar gains
    Finances - June 20, 2013, 19:33 GMT

    European and US trading saw the Greenback make strong gains against its major counterparts as the fall out from yesterday’s Federal Reserve policy meeting meant risky investments such as stocks and commodities all registered large falls. What is being seen as a major turning point for the USD, the common consensus amongst the markets, is

  • Stocks decline after Fed statement

    Ahead of the Fed decision on interest rates, equity markets in the US remained subdued, as the statement from Chairman Ben Bernanke commanded investors’ attention. Although most analysts and investors expected no change to the FOMC’s view of interest rates in the immediate term, and decision to taper the current bond purchase program would be

  • A rundown of Commodities following FOMC announcement

    Concerns over the Federal Reserve’s next course of action have extended beyond the stock and currency markets, and have taken their toll on commodity trading. A haze of uncertainty surrounds commodity markets, mostly because investors are unsure about whether to invest in them amid deepening monetary policy speculation. In particular, natural resource commodities have experienced

  • US Dollar eyes bullish upside following Fed announcement

    Wednesday’s North American trade marked one of the most highly anticipated sessions in recent months, as the Federal Reserve finally set the record straight. Investors have been grappling with what the Fed might do following months of mixed economic reports and global volatility. On Wednesday US Fed Chief Ben Bernanke announced that tapering could commence

  • Dollar rallies as Bernanke signals stimulus end

    The highly anticipated Federal Reserve meeting ended with Chairman Ben Bernanke saying that the US monetary authority may start to taper its stimulus measures at the end of this year and possibly end them up in 2014 should the economy improves. The US Federal Reserve has decided to maintain the rate of its asset purchase

  • Crude prices advances as Syrian crisis deepens

    The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria has placed considerable pressure on the commodity markets, which have suffered from declining demand and weaker prices for much of the calendar year. Combined with Syria’s armed struggle and other hotbeds of instability, growth in emerging markets has disappointed forecasts, placing considerable pressure on oil and other commodities. This