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  • Stocks Continue to Make Headway as Budget Deal Looms

    During the week market participants experienced a rollercoaster ride which began with continued selling of riskier assets as the US government shutdown continued. On Thursday, the US equity markets generated the second largest rally of the year on the heels of a potential deal, that was eventually rejected, but shows that the sides are moving

  • US stocks rebound as investors eye an end to the budget impasse

    Stocks on the American exchange surged after their worst two-day performance in several months earlier in the week, as lawmakers mobilized to end the first partial government shutdown in 17 years. Signs emerged lawmakers could end the budget impasse and avoid a devastating default one day after House Republicans sent a small delegation of negotiators

  • Stocks Buoyed by a Potential Deal
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    Stocks Buoyed by a Potential Deal

    October 11, 2013, 06:30 GMT

    Stocks in the US started off on a strong note, as investor sentiment increases prior to the House Republicans visiting the President Thursday to discuss a continuing resolution that could put the government back to work. Jobless claims were one of the few economic data points that the government released, which gave market participants something

  • US stocks rally on Yellen nomination
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    US stocks rally on Yellen nomination

    October 10, 2013, 08:29 GMT

    US stocks rallied after posting their biggest two-day loss since June following the nomination of Janet Yellen as the next Chair of the Federal Reserve. The markets are optimistic the dovish Yellen won’t rush to unwind record stimulus once she assumes the leadership role in February 2014. The US government remains in partial shutdown mode

  • Stocks Hold Steady After Yellen Nominated as Fed Chair

    Stocks in the US started off on a positive note, after President Barack Obama nominated Fed vice Chair Janet Yellen to become the next head of the Federal Reserve. Yellen is known as a dove, were her policies are focused on driving growth using the extraordinary measures of quantitative easing. Yellen will likely keep the

  • US stocks fall as political impasse drags on

    Stocks on the American exchange fell for a second straight day as lawmakers remained deadlocked over the budget ceiling. The partial government shutdown is well into its second week, as party-line politics continue to dominate the debate. Democrats and Republicans pointed the finger at one another, with each side saying the other party must act

  • Stocks Trade Lower on Higher Volume
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    Stocks Trade Lower on Higher Volume

    October 9, 2013, 06:08 GMT

    Stocks in the US got off to a positive start, on the heels of Monday’s decline which saw the major US indexes decline nearly 1%. There has been very little impetus to move stocks as government data has been on hold with department that have been close and unable to produce releases. Corporate earnings will

  • US stocks tumble as budget impasse continues

    Stocks on the American exchange declined sharply, as the political stalemate over how to extend the government’s borrowing authority entered its second week. The federal government has been in partial shutdown since October 1 after Democrats and Republicans failed to reach an agreement on extending the debt ceiling. One week later, the threat of a

  • Volatility Climbs as Government Closure Continues

    US stocks faced headwinds at the open, as negotiations over the closure of the government continued to weigh on equity prices. Over the weekend, House Speaker John Boehner warned of the possibility of a default in an interview with ABC Networks. In his view, President Barak Obama and Democrats in Congress are the reason for

  • Consider a Sinful Portfolio During Volatile Markets

    On a day where the broad market averages are sinking on headlines surrounding the government shutdown, Macau, a administrative district in China seems as strong as ever. The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened lower by 150 points early in the session, at the time of this writing, as investors look to decrease equity exposure heading