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  • US stocks rebound as impasse enters fourth day

    Stocks on the American exchange rebounded sharply amid a fourth consecutive day of partial government shutdowns. US stocks experienced a volatile week, as the ongoing budget impasse continues to weigh on investors. Market participants ended the week more optimistic lawmakers will reach a deal to end the budget impasse before the October 17 deadline, when

  • US Stocks continue to trade above water

    Stocks in the US were buoyed at the open, and continued to trade above water for most of the trading session. Volatility continued to increase as fear is making its way into investor sentiment. With the US employment report postponed given the closure of the government, investors were left with Thursday less than stellar ISM

  • Twitter Reveals IPO Details
    Stock market » Twitter Reveals IPO Details
    Finances - October 4, 2013, 20:39 GMT

    After years of speculation and rumor, the deal surrounding the highly anticipated Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) initial public offering have finally emerged. In more recent weeks it was revealed the company was planning its offering, however, it was made official on Thursday when the company revealed its confidential IPO filing. Within the filling investors and traders alike

  • US stocks extend losses as government shutdown continues

    Stocks on the American exchange decline for the third time this week, as investors weigh the ongoing political gridlock in Washington against disappointing US service data from the Institute of Supply Management. The partial government shutdown entered its third day, as both sides of the stalemate blamed one another for the stoppage. President Barrack Obama

  • Stocks Tumble as Brinkmanship Continues

    Stocks in the US again got off to a soft note, with futures pointing to a lower open. Equity market participants continue to be plague by a government shutdown which seems to be rolling into the debt ceiling debate. Asian stocks were unchanged on Thursday helping US stocks remain somewhat buoyed on the heels of

  • Tesla Fires, Shares Tumbled
    Stock market » Tesla Fires, Shares Tumbled
    Finances - October 3, 2013, 17:21 GMT

    Shares of Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) traded to the downside by as much as 8 percent on Wednesday following some starting headlines and video footage. For much of the year the company has been at the top of the headlines. Innovative designs, stretched valuations, and a soaring share price has put the company on almost every traders

  • Weak Employment Data Weighs on Stocks
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    Weak Employment Data Weighs on Stocks

    October 3, 2013, 07:56 GMT

    Stocks in the US were on the defensive early on Wednesday, as the risk off trade trumped better than expected economic data. The large cap S&P 500 index closed near its highs despite trading on the defensive for most of the trading session. Although the shutdown of the US government did not seem to affect

  • Empire State Trusts Hits Public Markets

    While the average Joe may be millions away from living in the skyscrapers of New York City, the everyday investor may now have the ability to invest in some of the most iconic properties in the city. On Wednesday one of the most coveted reality Trusts,The Empire State Realty Trust Inc (NYSE:ESRT) said it sold

  • Stocks Shrug Off Government Shutdown and Notch Up Gains

    Stocks in the US got off to a positive start on the first day on the 4th quarter after the US government closed non-essential operations for the first time since 1996.  At 12AM EST on Tuesday, the US government shut down as there was not funding for discretionary operations.  The House and Senate were unable

  • US stocks rally as buying opportunity emerges

    Stocks on the American exchange posted a strong rally as investors made the most out of a looming government shutdown. Market participants looking to buy low and sell high may have found their opportunity, as the stalemate over government spending threatens to partially shut-down the government for the first time in 17 years. On Tuesday