Anna Coulling

Location: London
Occupation: Full time trader


Anna Coulling has been involved in the financial markets for almost 17 years, both as a trader and investor. Her trading career started in the futures market back in the dark ages, before the internet, when placing an order meant calling the broker who in turn spoke to the floor of the exchange. A stressful exercise made worse by the general unreliability of the technology of the day. Since then she has traded virtually every market and instrument. As an independent trader she was fortunate to have started her journey, with understanding and then leveraging the power of the volume price relationship to determine market direction.

Anna’s approach to the market is unique. She takes a three dimensional view, based on technical, fundamental and relational analysis. This powerful approach, when combined with price action and candle patterns, has given her a deep and detailed knowledge of the forces that drive the financial markets, which is then reflected in the underlying market sentiment.

Utilizing volume and price is, of course, nothing new. It was the preferred method of many of the great, iconic traders of the past. Richard Wykoff and Richard Ney, to name just two of her particular trading heroes. Anna is fortunate in having been able to study some of their original work, which still resonate in today’s turbulent and volatile markets. As the great Jesse Livermore once said ‘speculation is as old as the hills’.

For the past five years Anna has shared her knowledge and expertise via her own network of 80 free websites, as well as online and offline publications, magazines and specialist online portals. She has also worked with the CME and holds regular live webinars in which she analyses the markets in real time.

Anna’s latest contribution to trader education are her best selling books, all available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback:

A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis
A Three Dimensional Approach to Forex Trading
Forex for Beginners. To this will be added Binary Options Unmasked with additional books on stock trading, day trading futures and options, coming soon. All these books reflect Anna’s passionate desire to ensure traders have access to the best possible education. Now with the luxury of time, she is able to pass on her knowledge and expertise to the next generation of traders and investors.

Her educational background is to degree level, having majored in English, Philosophy and Psychology. The last has been supplemented with additional courses in Transactional Analysis and interest in neuroscience and behavioral finance. Trading psychology is of particular interest, and stems in part from her original study of Gestalt theory.

Anna’s motto could be summed as : ‘the more you learn, the more you earn’.