• Forex » Currency action driven by Central Banks
    July 5, 2013, 19:46 GMT

    The greenback gained strength against European currencies on the heels of Thursday’s central banks statements which show that both the ECB and BoE where commitment to accommodative policy for the foreseeable future.  The dollar surged as yield differentials moved in favor of the US dollar, as ECB president Draghi gave his first statement on forward

  • Wednesday was a slow day in the market as trade in the US finished early ahead of the 4th of July public holiday. EURUSD drifted slowly lower after the open in Europe, ahead of key manufacturing data across the Eurozone. Italy, France, Germany and the Eurozone as a whole all released separate purchasing manager’s index

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    Commodities » Gold Down To Three Year Low
    Finances - June 27, 2013, 17:40 GMT

    The sell off in precious metals continued today as improving US data strengthened the case for easing back on Fed stimulus and investors moved into positions accordingly.Gold,moved downwards hitting a three year low as investors remained convinced that stimulus programs will soon taper, especially following on from stronger-than-expected housing, factory and consumer sentiment figures all

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    The dollar continued to gain traction against most major currencies as increasing long term interest rates differentials continue to favor the greenback. On Tuesday, better than expected housing data combined with strong consumer confidence lifted the dollar against the Euro and Yen as well as commodities such as gold and silver. Long term yield differentials

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    Wednesday’s North American trade marked one of the most highly anticipated sessions in recent months, as the Federal Reserve finally set the record straight. Investors have been grappling with what the Fed might do following months of mixed economic reports and global volatility. On Wednesday US Fed Chief Ben Bernanke announced that tapering could commence

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    Prior to the last few weeks, the US dollar enjoyed a bullish upswing on the back of positive economic reports that showed deepening recovery for the US economy. Investors placed high bets that the US economy was stabilizing, a clear sign that the Federal Reserve would scale back or end its latest round of quantitative

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