• The foreign exchange market took a volatile turn after June’s hawkish FOMC policy meetings, when Fed policymakers pointed to deepening US recovery as a sign that monetary policy would soon change course. Under the assumption that the United States Federal Reserve would soon begin tapering its monthly bond buying, investors loaded up on US dollars,

  • The US dollar opened the week entrenched in negative territory following multiple days of testimony from US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. In a series of prepared statements in front of the House Financial Services Committee, Bernanke avoided giving precise details about when the Fed would begin tapering its monthly bond buying program, stressing that

  • Forex » US Dollar higher on soft data
    July 13, 2013, 09:18 GMT

    The US dollar limped into Friday trading after a woeful Thursday session ended its favourable outlook. On Thursday the market absorbed dovish remarks from US Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, who unexpectedly reaffirmed his support for loose monetary policy. The US dollar was broadly weaker heading into the Friday session, but sentiment quickly changed ahead of

  • The US dollar spent the better part of three weeks hitting multiyear highs against its peers amid growing expectations that the Fed will begin tapering its $85 billion monthly asset purchase program. This week, however, the outlook on the greenback went from speculative to downright grim, as the market reacted to dovish comments from Fed

  • Wednesday was a slow day in the market as trade in the US finished early ahead of the 4th of July public holiday. EURUSD drifted slowly lower after the open in Europe, ahead of key manufacturing data across the Eurozone. Italy, France, Germany and the Eurozone as a whole all released separate purchasing manager’s index

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    USD/CAD went straight to work following Wednesday’s FOMC policy announcement, closing the North American session almost a full cent ahead of where it started. On Thursday, the markets were still buzzing from the Fed’s announcement that stimulus could be scaled back by end of year if the US economy continued to show progress. As the

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    Wednesday’s North American trade marked one of the most highly anticipated sessions in recent months, as the Federal Reserve finally set the record straight. Investors have been grappling with what the Fed might do following months of mixed economic reports and global volatility. On Wednesday US Fed Chief Ben Bernanke announced that tapering could commence

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