• The British pound remained elevated after UK industrial and manufacturing output rose in October, adding further credibility to the UK’s impressive recovery pace. Pound sterling surpassed 1.64 US on Monday after Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said the central bank would not pursue any rate changes to control economic recovery, but would instead consider

  • Europe’s common currency soared to a five-week high after the European Central Bank decided to keep interest rates at record lows. ECB President Mario Draghi said the central bank will maintain an accommodative approach to interest rates for an extended period to promote recovery throughout the region. The central bank unexpectedly slashed its lending rate

  • Sergiy Zlyvko
    Currency » 4 December Forex daily review
    Sergiy Zlyvko - December 5, 2013, 10:04 GMT

    On Wednesday the trading in the currency market has been uneven. Service PMI index for the EU countries have been mixed. In Spain, Germany and the Eurozone business activity rose. In Italy and France – declined. Single currency has reacted calmly to the statistics and even slightly stronger against the U.S. dollar and the pound,

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    Currency » 2 December Forex daily review
    Sergiy Zlyvko - December 3, 2013, 06:39 GMT

    On Monday, the U.S. dollar closed up against the euro and pound. Fall of the single currency began after the publication of PMI production index. The euro/dollar fell to 1.3540. Single currency has been sold, despite strong manufacturing PMI in Eurozone, Germany, Italy and France, which were better than forecasts. Only PMI index in Spain

  • Pound sterling strengthened its position against the US dollar, as market participants took advantage of an idle greenback in a day of light trading. The pound soared to a 27-month high against its North American rival, as economic data continued to support its meteoric climb. UK home prices rose at an annualized rate of 6.5

  • Forex » British pound soars on GDP
    November 28, 2013, 07:30 GMT

    The British pound soared in the European and North American sessions following the release of revised GDP estimates. The British economy accelerated 0.8 percent in the third quarter and at an annualized rate of 1.5 percent, in-line with initial estimates, according to the Office for National Statistics. Gross domestic product is a measure of the

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    Currency » 21 November Forex daily review
    Sergiy Zlyvko - November 22, 2013, 10:23 GMT

    On Thursday, the dollar strengthened against the Australian dollar and Japanese yen and closed lower against the euro, the British pound and the Swiss franc. In European trading EURUSD pair went under the 1.34 mark after weak French PMI indices and then recovered by the German PMI index to 1.3445. British pound before closing the

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    Currency » 20 November Forex daily review
    Sergiy Zlyvko - November 21, 2013, 10:13 GMT

    On Wednesday, the U.S. dollar ended the day on positive territory. The key event of the day was expected FOMC meeting minutes release from October 29 and 30 and the next ECB rumors about the introduction of negative rates on deposits. In European trading AUDUSD, EURUSD and USDCHF currency pairs made a corrective pullback to

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    Currency » 19 November Forex daily review
    Sergiy Zlyvko - November 20, 2013, 08:50 GMT

    On Tuesday, the fluctuations of the currency pairs in the market were impulsive. In the morning, the U.S. dollar strengthened against the single currency and the British pound, but in the second half of the day the dollar fell. From the updated maximum 1.3540, EURUSD back to around 1.3480. The euro increased to 1.3540 by

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    Currency » 18 November Forex daily review
    Sergiy Zlyvko - November 19, 2013, 13:33 GMT

    On Monday, the major pairs closed mixed, but after trade almost candles closed with small bodies like Doji. Trading in the European session was relatively quiet. The U.S. dollar fell slightly against the single currency and the British pound. The economic calendar for important data was poor and there was no driver for volatile currencies