• Stock market » Costco Disappoints, Shares Weaken
    December 11, 2013, 20:29 GMT

    Shares of Costco (NASDAQ:COST) were sent tumbling to the downside on Wednesday morning following the company’s first quarter results before the market open. The retail earnings season has been largely mixed up until this point with names on both the high and low end sending Wall Street surprises. Costco reported earnings of 96 cents a

  • Stocks in the US started off on a positive note, after President Barack Obama nominated Fed vice Chair Janet Yellen to become the next head of the Federal Reserve. Yellen is known as a dove, were her policies are focused on driving growth using the extraordinary measures of quantitative easing. Yellen will likely keep the

  • Stocks in the US were buoyed at the open, and continued to trade above water for most of the trading session. Volatility continued to increase as fear is making its way into investor sentiment. With the US employment report postponed given the closure of the government, investors were left with Thursday less than stellar ISM