• Charles Sizemore

    I chatted with CNBC’s Oriel Morrison last night about LinkedIn (LNKD)’s earnings release: LinkedIn beat analysts estimates, posting non-GAAP earnings per share exluding stock-based compensation and acquisitions costs of 52 cents. The Street had expected 47 cents.  Revenues for the quarter were $568 million, jumping 45% over the same quarter last year. LinkedIn shares were

  • H.S. Borji

    On Thursday finances.com gauged the prospects of a technology bubble in an article entitled, “Is a Tech Bubble Brewing?” The article noted the recent 14-year high of the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 and cautioned investors social media stocks such as Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) may be overvalued. “So are social media stocks in a bubble?” asked David Becker

  • H.S. Borji

    The social networking stock Cynk Technologies Corp (NASDAQ:CYNK) shot up 25,000 percent since mid-June, adding to existing fears the technology market is headed toward another bubble. The company, which traded for pennies less than a month ago, advanced more than 25,000 percent since June 17, giving it a market valuation of more than $5 billion.

  • David Becker

    Value always seems to be a subjective topic, and determining if stocks in general are overvalued depends on what area you look at and how you determine its value. Sentiment plays a role and need to be analyzed to determine if a bubble has formed. Sure, there will always be specific areas that are forming

  • David Becker

    The capital markets generally move in the direction that will cause the most number of investors the greatest amount of pain. Investors who purchased Twitter near its all-time highs have experienced that phenomenon, as they watched the stock price tumble from $75 dollar per share down to $39 per share. Earnings have missed expectations for

  • David Becker

    The S&P 500 index continued to climb toward an all-time high and is gaining traction against the Nasdaq and the Russell as investor move into large cap stocks. Generally, the tail end of a rally is signified as investors alter their assets and move money into large cap stocks as opposed to perceived riskier small

  • David Becker

    Stocks opened on Tuesday in a manner than was consistent with a bear market bounce, moving higher throughout the early trading session on the heels of Monday’s strong bounce. The better than expected retail sales data release on Monday gave bulls confidence that there might be some life in this rebound, but that was quickly

  • Constantinos Philippides

    Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) shares have plummeted by 20% in the wake of the companies financial results announcement. The company reported a loss in the last quarter of 511.5 million dollars, while losses for the full year amounted to 645 million dollars. Twitter showed an increase in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2013, amounting to 242.7

  • Technology » Remembering a Couple Bubble Darlings
    November 8, 2013, 07:31 GMT

    With shares of Twitter(NYSE:TWTR) up by more than 75 percent on its first day of trading, some traders and investors alike may be going through a deja vu moment. A little over a decade ago the dot com bubble officially burst. The days of meteoric initial public offerings for companies at insane valuations came to

  • Stock market » Twitter Pops on IPO
    November 8, 2013, 07:25 GMT

    On Thursday morning, shares of the newly public Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) were sent racing to the upside despite broad market weakness. After the tough initial public offering from competitor Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) just a couple years ago, all eyes were on the Big Board this morning. The company elected to go with the New York Stock Exchange

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