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  • Mark Mead Baillie

    Many are wooed “Be mine!” ’round the Feast of St. Valentine … ‘cept if yer Gold. February being a month wherein the yellow metal throughout most of the millennium has been a proven positive performer, (over the last 14 years averaging a Lovers’ Month net gain of 1.4%, including those bettering 3% in ’02, ’05,

  • David Becker

    The semi-conductor space has been red hot notching up new 52-week highs, and following today’s surprise announcement by the Peoples Bank of China to lower interest rates, these commoditized products should continue to see further upside. The strongest of the bunch is Intel(NASDAQ:INTC) which has been on a tear since reporting earnings that were better

  • Stocks began the trading session in the red and quickly moved lower as investors exited trading positions. The S&P 500 index moved quickly toward support levels and held at former resistance for the balance of the trading session. Traders were leery of taking on new long positions, as tensions in the Ukraine and Chinese economic