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    US industrial production rebounded in January, as gains in manufacturing and mining outweighs a sharp drop in mining activities, a sign factory output was contributing positively to economic growth at the start of the year. Total industrial production rose 0.2 percent in January, following a 0.3 percent drop the previous month, the Board of Governors

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    The Australian jobs data lifted the AUD-complex higher in Sydney. The unemployment rate eased from 6.3% to 6.1% in December, the economy added 41.6K full-time jobs vs. 4.1K part-time jobs lost. The participation rate improved slightly. AUD/US

  • James Boston

    One of the few benefits of a lack of inflation in an industrial economy is the competitive advantage that can be gained due to falling input prices. This situation creates a potential bright spot in the faltering Eurozone economy as the core economies, which are significantly manufacturing based, gain a cost advantage in the international

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    Forex » US Producer Prices On The Rise
    James Boston - November 18, 2014, 21:21 GMT

    Producer Prices in the US are continuing to climb according to the latest data just released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The final October data is showing a general rise across these cost indices, the month on month Producer Price Index (PPI) is now registering at 0.2%, this represents an up tick from the

  • James Boston
    Forex » Spanish PPI Drops Further
    James Boston - September 25, 2014, 08:27 GMT

    Spain’s cost of production is continuing on it’s downward trajectory according to the latest Producer Price Index (PPI) data published this morning. The August year on year figures show a further fall in prices of -0.6% following on from the July drop of -0.5%, most forecasts were in the region -0.1%. This downward trend has

  • James Boston
    Forex » UK Producer Prices Fall Again
    James Boston - September 16, 2014, 09:09 GMT

    The full suite of inflation data has been updated this morning in a pervasive release that covers retail, consumer, housing and producer prices. However the only area where price contraction is evident is in the production sector where with the odd exception the indices are generally extending their moves into negative territory for the month

  • James Boston
    Forex » Fall In Eurozone PPI
    James Boston - September 2, 2014, 09:37 GMT

    Eurostat has just released the Eurozone’s Producer Price Index (PPI) data for the month of July. Year on year the PPI index has fallen –1.1%, this is in comparison to the prior month’s -0.8% reading and a market consensus estimate for the -1.1% fall experienced today. On a month on month basis the PPI now

  • James Boston

    The European construction industry has taken a step backward according to the latest figures released by Eurostat. The key year on year Construction Output figure for the Eurozone has contracted -2.3% compared to the 3.5% growth that the sector produced last month, there was no consensus estimate available but one survey projected this metric to

  • James Boston

    A good overview of the state of the US manufacturing and industrial sector has been provided today with the publication of a range of economic updates. The headline figure is the Industrial Production number, this has been steadily rising over the past few months but today comes in at a stable reading of 4.3% growth

  • James Boston
    Forex » Further Rise In UK Inflation
    James Boston - July 15, 2014, 10:24 GMT

    It could be called Inflation Day in the UK today as the National Statistics office provides a thorough across the board set of price growth data. The headline is the Consumer Price Index (CPI), this has come in at 1.9% year on year compared to 1.6% in May and a consensus estimate for 1.5% price

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