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  • H.S. Borji

    The EURUSD rebounded on Monday, climbing from an 11-year low ahead of a potentially landmark announcement by the European Central Bank in Frankfurt on Thursday. The EURUSD bottomed out at 1.1485 last Friday in the fallout of the Swiss National Bank’s unexpected decision to remove the floor from the EUR/CHF. This unleashed unprecedented shockwaves throughout

  • H.S. Borji

    The euro rebounded against its US counterpart Thursday after dipping below 1.23 for the first time in more than two years, as the European Central Bank continued to ponder additional stimulus measures to shore up the struggling Eurozone. The EURUSD bottomed out at 1.2280 in intraday trade, the pair’s lowest level since July 2012. It

  • James Boston

    In the final meeting of what has been a very troubling year for the Eurozone economy, the European Central Bank’s (ECB) Governing Council announced no change to the single currency’s key interest rates. Once again the Refinance Rate remains at 0.05% while the Marginal Lending Facility stays at 0.30% and the Deposit Facility is unchanged

  • H.S. Borji

    The euro edged lower against its US counterpart Friday, as deflationary pressures in Germany and the broader Eurozone continued to fuel speculation about quantitative easing. The EURUSD continued to trade below 1.25, bottoming out at 1.2431 in intraday trade. The pair would subsequently consolidate at 1.2456, slightly below the previous close of 1.2461. The pair

  • H.S. Borji

    The Federal Reserve is expected to deliver a landmark announcement next week after it wraps up its two-day policy meetings, as the central banking authority completes its phased exit from quantitative easing. The two-day Federal Open Market Committee meetings will draw to a close Wednesday, October 29. After more than two years of QE3, the

  • James Boston
    Forex » Eurozone Investor Confidence Plummets
    James Boston - September 8, 2014, 11:30 GMT

    Investor Confidence in the Eurozone has plummeted according to the latest Sentix Investor Confidence report for the economic bloc. The September number is now reading at -9.8 compared to 2.7 in August, given the deteriorating economic situation expectations were for a fall in this reading but only to around 2.0. This is the first time

  • Forex » Eurozone Tax Burden Increases
    June 16, 2014, 09:19 GMT

    Eurostat has published it’s Taxation to GDP report for the both the wider EU and the Eurozone. Headlining this report is the creep higher in the tax burden on EU individuals and corporations. The Eurozone ratio is up from 39.5% in 2011 to 40.4% in 2012 and estimates expect this burden to continue to rise

  • Portugal’s Current Account Balance is showing a further slight deterioration in March to -€0.652Bn from the -€0.465Bn experienced in February. There is no market surprise element in these figures as the data relates to a period prior to the bailout exit. Portugal has recently left the €78Bn EU/IMF bail out program and economists will be

  • Forex » ECB Rate Cuts Now Imminent
    May 15, 2014, 16:59 GMT

    Sources at the European Central Bank (ECB) have this morning let it be known that the Bank is preparing a package of monetary stimulus measures to be approved at the next meeting of the Governing Council on June 5th. An interest rate cut is “more or less a done deal” cited one particular source close

  • Forex » Greek Retail Sales Show Improvement
    April 4, 2014, 09:10 GMT

    Yesterday’s European Central Bank (ECB) meeting ensured that it was an eventful day for the Eurozone and an eventful day for the Euro. Today is setting up to be the calm after the storm. With the exception of a 0.6% gain in German Factory Orders earlier this morning the only further European data of any