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  • James Boston

    The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has shied away from a moderately expected hike in it’s base interest rate as it completes it’s last monetary policy meeting of the year. Barring any unforeseen emergencies the country’s key interest rate will end 2014 at 5.75% this is 75 basis points above where it began the year

  • James Boston

    Today’s Mining Production numbers from South Africa easily serve to confirm yesterday’s reported strong improvement in the Industrial sector. Mining Production for the month of September is showing a 5.3% year on year improvement, this sharply reverses the August reading of a fall of -9.2%. The month on month increase was 7.0% and this compares

  • James Boston

    South African industrial activity has posted a significant turnaround based on the latest data released for the month of September. The year on year Manufacturing Production number revealed a strong positive surprise to markets by coming in at 8.0% growth when measured year on year, the expectation was for a further fall of around -0.9%

  • James Boston
    Forex » ZAR Weaker On Lower Inflation Data
    James Boston - October 22, 2014, 09:13 GMT

    The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) will no doubt feel some easing of pressure following the publication this morning of the September inflation figures for the economy. The year on year Consumer Price Index (CPI) has undergone a welcome half point fall from 6.40% in August to 5.90% in September, this exceeded the expectation for

  • James Boston

    Consumer Confidence in South Africa has returned to negative territory according to the latest data for the third quarter just released. The Q3 reading came in at -1.0 compared with the 4.0 experienced for the second quarter of the year, analysts had forecast a reading of 1.2 today. This latest announcement means that South Africa

  • James Boston
    Forex » Improvement In South African Retail Sales
    James Boston - September 17, 2014, 11:04 GMT

    Retail Sales in South Africa are continuing to improve according to the latest data just released for the month of July. The key year on year metric is now showing at 2.4% compared to a growth of just 1.8% in the month of June, the market anticipated figure today was for a rise of 0.3%

  • James Boston

    Business Confidence is starting to pick up again in South Africa following a series of economically destructive industrial relations disputes that afflicted the country for much of the first half of this year. The Business Confidence reading for Q3 is now showing at 46.0, up from the previous showing of 41.0 and surprising analysts who

  • James Boston

    There is no material improvement in the South African unemployment situation this month according to statistics just released. The figures for the second quarter of this year show the unemployment rate to now stand at 25.5%, this is in comparison to a Q1 rate of 25.2% and a consensus estimate of 25.4%. South Africa has

  • James Boston
    Forex » Rate Rise In South Africa
    James Boston - July 17, 2014, 13:41 GMT

    The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has announced that it will raise it’s key interest rate this month by 25bps to 5.75%. The last time that the Bank raised this rate was a hike of 50 basis points in January. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) in a statement on the country last week warned that

  • H.S. Borji

    A stronger US economy will drive global recovery this year and next, and ensure the global economy withstands volatility in emerging markets, the International Monetary Fund reported today. The US economy will expand 2.8 percent this year and 3 percent in 2015, unchanged from the January estimate, the IMF’s World Economic Outlook showed today. The

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