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  • David Becker

    Crude oil prices moved higher on Wednesday and continue to remain buoyed following a stronger than expected draw in inventories reported by the Department of Energy on Wednesday. Demand continues to be lacklustre but the US saw its first buyers of crude oil condensate Wednesday which could perk up US crude oil demand. South Korea

  • David Becker

    Emerging markets might be approaching an important upside breakout, as the EEM is testing trend line resistance. The weekly bars show the Emerging Markets iShares (EEM) still testing the upper resistance line in three-year symmetrical triangle. A decisive close above that resistance line is needed to signal an important upside breakout in emerging market stocks.

  • Sergiy Zlyvko

    Expectations for yesterday are justified. The dollar index after reduction to the support line rebounded to around 79.90. In anticipation of the long weekend, the rebound became stronger than expected. On Friday on the occasion of “Good Friday” the exchanges of most European countries will be closed. Today, banks are not running the UK, Germany,

  • H.S. Borji

    In an effort to diversify Canada’s export sector, the Canadian government this week reached a historic trade agreement with South Korea. The deal, which promises to expand Canadian exporters’ footprint in the Asian marketplace, put an end to nearly a decade of choppy trade negotiations between Canada and the Asia-Pacific region. The deal, which is