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The Asian equities have moved downward during the early hours of the Asian session on Friday, despite the positive results from the Chinese manufacturing sector and U.S. equities in the overnight session registratato have the worst performance in the last six months; ASX index fell 1, 2%, while the Hang Seng rose 0.4%.

The Australian dollar gained ground on the greenback during the Asian session while the manufacturing index for July at the Group rose by 1.7 share points touching 50.7 after a contraction lasted 8 months.

The Canadian dollar lost ground instead of the U.S. dollar during the Asian session, near the minimum of two months, while the released data showed that the economy has suffered another contraction.

U.S. equities have experienced a sharp decline in the American session on Thursday as investors are weighing the negative sentiment caused by the conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine as well as the disappointing data on corporate profits; the Dow Jones index fell 1, 9% while the S & P index of 2%.


The price of gold rose during the opening of the Asian session on Friday in the wake of the publication of employment data in the U.S. that could give impetus to economic growth.

Continue down the price of oil in the Asian session on Friday, while the inventory data showed a decline in demand for fuel in the United States.

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