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Free educational events this August

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Admiral Markets UK is happy to announce that in order to protect you from incurring a negative balance and to limit your potential risk of loss we have implemented a Negative Balance Protection Policy.

From now on your maximum risk of loss is limited by the amount in your account and should the negative balance occur on your account as a result of trading we will credit your account back to zero balance.

Furthermore, in this month’s Webinar section there are many educational events.

Forex Strategy with Chris Svorcik:
In this webinar, Chris focuses on trading his personal favourite strategy. Every Wednesday during the webinar Chris reflects on the trades conducted within the past week and analyses potential trading opportunities for the remainder of the day and the rest of the week to follow.

Expert Opinion with Nenad “TarantulaFX” Kerkez:
Trading techniques and indicators are numerous and versatile. If the list of indicators in your MT4 are dark woods for you, every Wednesday during the webinar hosted by Nenad Kerez you will have a chance to shed a light on that mystery.

Pro Learning Lab with Chris Svorcik and Nenad “TarantulaFX” Kerkez:
Every Thursday Chris Svorcik and Nenad Kerkez will join their educational efforts, combining their market knowledge and adding up financial expertise to deliver the full load of Forex deepest insights to your monitors on a particular subject.

Weekly FX Recap with Nenad “TarantulaFX” Kerkez:
Learn to evaluate currencies from Tarantula’s review of the most popular and much anticipated currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD and more. Tune in for a detailed recap that will advance your knowledge and increase your confidence in trading currencies.

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