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The Canadian dollar is rising on the greenback in the Asian session

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The Asian equities lost ground during the early hours of the trading session on Friday, increasing concern about conflict in Ukraine, and the Middle East, especially after President Obama authorized air strikes targeted in northern Iraq; ASX index fell by 1.2%, while the Hang Seng Index has recovered 0.2%.

The dollar recovered against other major currencies during the Asian session due to report on applications for unemployment benefits better than expected.

The Canadian dollar is rising on the greenback in the Asian session, close to the maximum of three months, in the wake of the excellent report on building permits in Canada.

US equities fell during the trading session on Thursday, as investors are convinced that the negative sentiment related to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East and Ukraine will result in a slowdown of the global economy and affect the activity of the company around the world; the Dow Jones index fell 0.46% and the S&P index of 0.56%.


The price of gold rose during the opening of the Asian session on Friday, close to the maximum of two weeks, since the demand for safe haven assets is increasing due to the tensions in Ukraine and the Middle East.

The price of crude oil has risen in the Asian session on Friday, after President Obama authorized the air attacks in Iraq, the second largest oil producer in the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

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