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  • David Becker
    Business » Apple Soars as Christmas Sales Begin
    David Becker - November 29, 2013, 14:24 GMT

    Friday started the Black Friday shopping season with consumer weighting on huge lines to burst into retail stores late on Thursday and early on Friday. The shopping season has 4-fewer days in 2013 forcing retailors to open earlier and close later during this holiday season. There are many exciting product this year and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

  • Sergiy Zlyvko
    Currency » 28 November Forex daily review
    Sergiy Zlyvko - November 28, 2013, 14:57 GMT

    On Thursday in the Forex market the U.S. dollar against other major currencies closed with a slight decrease. EURUSD rate on the background of a thin market and low volatility due to a holiday in the U.S. has stabilized around the level of 1.3600. Pound/dollar after rising to 1.6355 before, closing the day around 1.6340

  • Sergiy Zlyvko
    Currency » 27 November Forex daily review
    Sergiy Zlyvko - November 28, 2013, 08:57 GMT

    On Wednesday, European currencies have tried to continue to strengthen, started a day earlier, but the upside was limited by technical factors. As a result, EURUSD closed Wednesday in the area of 1.3570 and GBPUSD – in the area of 1.6270. The U.S. dollar has updated the lows against euro and pound. In European trading

  • David Becker

    Heating Oil prices edged lower on Wednesday pulled down by crude oil which was under pressure after the release of two inventory reports. Prices have declined as supply in the US continues to overwhelm demand which is evident by observing 10 consecutive stock builds in crude oil which have pushed inventories well above the 5-year

  • David Becker

    Home builders were on the move on Tuesday moving higher for most of the trading session on the heels of news about building permits and home prices. Sales number has been tepid, and the overall housing space has seen mixed economic results in November, as the sector has recently lagged the broader indices. Multi-family building

  • Sergiy Zlyvko
    Currency » 26 November Forex daily review
    Sergiy Zlyvko - November 27, 2013, 08:58 GMT

    On Tuesday after trading, U.S. dollar closed in negative territory. The dollar was closed with growth against the Australian and New Zealand dollars. In the afternoon, the dollar fell across all the market. The decline was caused by disappointing data of U.S. consumer confidence index. And the report on the number of permits issued for

  • David Becker
    Business » Financial Should Post Solid Gains
    David Becker - November 26, 2013, 13:45 GMT

    Financial stocks are hitting their stride as a sector rotation out of consumer discretionary and technology stocks and into financials could replace a market correction and instead create a market rotation. The decline in the long end of the Treasury bond market relative to the short end of the interest rate curve could help financial

  • Sergiy Zlyvko
    Currency » 25 November Forex daily review
    Sergiy Zlyvko - November 26, 2013, 11:44 GMT

    On Tuesday news background was meager. ECB members were major newsmakers representatives. ECB Governing Council member Ardo Hansson said that the ECB has scopes for further interest rate cuts. Christian Noyer also did not rule out that at lower levels of inflation the ECB will again cut interest rates. Because on Monday the trading volume

  • David Becker

    It’s been difficult to get a handle on housing stocks, even though prices for stocks in this sector have moved to the upper end of the range. Stocks of homebuilders have benefited recently but economic data which included today’s pending homes sales data does not support a robust housing recovery. Housing has seen a strong

  • Sergiy Zlyvko
    Currency » 25-29 November Forex weekly forecast
    Sergiy Zlyvko - November 23, 2013, 12:36 GMT

    U.S. dollar hasn’t changed its positions hardly on the world market for the week 18 – 22 November. Minutes of the last meeting of the Federal Reserve signaled that the regulator can start quantitative easing program reducing and this helped to strengthen the positions of the U.S. currency, but it could not form a stable